Winning Battles….

Winning Battles….

For anyone who dedicates themselves to a long-term goal — significant Weight Loss, a Marathon, Living a Balanced Happy Life…..whatever IT is — there are bound to be some tough battles along the way.    Learning how to win battles is an invaluable skill.  Ya gotta do it to survive the journey.  Hey — it’s warfare!!  If you are slayed on the battlefield on Day 1 — there is far less likely to be a Day 2, or Day 3, or….. you get me?  You don’t get to the finish line without Winning Battles.

The past two days were 4 mile runs each.  Doesn’t sound too bad right?  Nope, not too bad.  But oh, wait.  I woke up, looked out the window and saw….Clouds.  CRAP!  Fog thicker than a bad 1980 horror movie!  Yet it was what accompanied the fog that was worse.  Humidity.  Oh jeez…it’s October already.  Can’t we be done with the humidity already??  Running 4 miles in the foggy humidity, was like running through rain that just didn’t bother to fall.

So the battle was set.  Me.  4 miles.  Humidity.  Sweat.  the d@mn HILL.  No walking.  Do it on Wednesday.  And then thanks to Mother nature…..Do it again on Thursday.  Just for Fun.

My appetite for Winning Battles has grown over the past few weeks.  I don’t feel so soft, or lame-O anymore.  No Way Jose.  I’m feeling S.T.R.O.N.G!  So as I was talking myself through those 4 miles (x2), I was recalling some of the battles I had already won!

Run 5 miles On Christmas Day  — Slayed it!

Run 6 1/2 miles on New Years Day — Killed it!

Run in the Snow — Destroyed it!

Run in the Rain — Blew it Away!

Run in the Bitter Cold — Wrecked it!

Run in the Scorching Heat — er, um….just barely survived it….but SWORE to come back and fight again another day!

Run in the Humidity — TWICE — Crushed it!  (TWICE)

Try this exercise some time.  Whenever you are feeling low.  Feeling like your long-term goal is eating YOU for breakfast.  Get out a blank sheet of crisp white paper, and then take a red pen and start listing the Battles where you Kicked @ss!  Post it on the fridge, Add to It, Visit it like an old friend, Fall in Love with It, Take it to bed and put it under your pillow and DREAM about it.  Cuz Ladies and Gentlemen — you are Warriors.  You Fight the Good Fight on the Battlefield Every Single D@mn Day — then you go home to your loved ones and rest.  THEN, you come back tomorrow and Fight Again!  And Again!  And….A….gain!

Don’t “Feel IT” yet?  No worries.  The Heart of a Warrior has to be awakened.  It sleeps under layers of fat and softness.  Every muscle you build, every positve thought you cultivate beats on the drum in your soul — stirring it, calling out to it, awakening it.  Your job….YOUR JOB once it’s awake — is to FEED IT.  Cuz make no mistake.  Warrior Hearts LOVE Battle.  They eat BATTLE for Breakfast!  So, YOUR JOB is to FIGHT ONE EVERY D@MN DAY!

And you’re gonna Love It cuz……Warrior Bodies Eat FAT like it’s going’ outta style!

Ciao for now…….Diane

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