We go together

We go together

Shhhhhh, I’m almost afraid to say it out loud.     3 mile recovery run today.  Every step of it was running.  That was the job.

That switch is still switched – ON!  

Oh my, it felt wonderful.

Not once did I feel that overwhelming urge to stop and walk.  Don’t get me wrong, running is still work.  It’ll always BE work.  That’s what it is.  That’s its purpose.  To put my body to work, and to receive the physical healthy payoff from it.   But what is gone is that annoying whisper telling me that I’m tired and I have to stop and walk.  Instead, in its place, I have this base of confidence.  I hear my Inner Coach saying, “S#!T Diane, if you could run 10 miles on Sunday, you can do this”.  And my mind is responding….”Right, right, that makes total sense”.  And so…I run.

I’m feeling Soooo Good.  I’m able to look up at the trees, and see the world changing color in front of my eyes.  The earth is giving birth to autumn while I run by.   It made me realize that when I’m struggling with my running, my eye balls are glued to the sidewalk.  It’s the sidewalk cracks, and the old gum, and the trash that I notice.   Ugh.  Not a pretty sight.  It does nothing for my mental health, let alone my mood.

But when I’m feeling good, when I’m feeling strong — my eyes are up, and reaching out.  Reaching out to the world — to belong, to absorb, to join in.  The birds and their amazing chirps and calls.  I’ve never seen or heard such diversity.  Birds are really amazing little dinosaurs from times long ago.  The trees are starting to glow with their fiery golden and auburn embers — lit from within, changing the entire face of the street.  Pumpkins and Mums belong with them now.  Even kids on Sesame Street would know these things go together.   The people.  The friendly people in their cars giving me safe passage as I cross the street.  The friends who wave as they drive by, our eyes connecting when I notice their friendly faces.  All this….I can only see when my head is Up and my eyes are Open.  Off the ground.  Seeking.  Engaging.  Seeing.The.Road.Ahead.Of.Me.  Wondering where it’s going, and what is over the horizon….past the 13 miles.    Beyond there — It’s all a big mystery.  But that’s Ok.  Better than Ok, really.  Because you see….I’m a big dreamer.    So — we go together Mystery and Dreaming………it’s where Magic is Born!!

Ciao for now…..Diane

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