Outside the norm

Outside the norm

As I began my run on Sunday, I had to decide how to dress.  Yea, the weather changed overnight.  Temps hit the low 40s and showers were threatening to rain on my Sunday run parade.  I had 15 miles in front of me.  Gulp!

I decided on my normal running shorts and a long sleeve T-shirt.  I was going to be out there for over 3 hours, so I knew the weather would warm up, and I would warm up.  I’d rather be a little chilled than be too hot.  In my first mile, I passed a nice older man who was coming from the town coffee shop on Main Street.  In his hands were a yummy cup of hot coffee, and a paper bag, which I could only image included some kind of warm delicious egg sandwich.  Heck, that’s what I’d put in my bag…if  I had a breakfast bag.    The really noticeable thing about this nice man was how he was dressed.  He was bundled up.  I mean completely swaddled.  He had his winter wool coat on, and his wool hat with the ear flaps that hang down and cover the ears.  I remarked to myself as I ran by in my T shirt and shorts —- one of us is completely outside the norm here.  I had to face facts though.  I think it was me!

I ran 15 miles.  Convincing myself to keep going the whole way.  Best thing I ever did was put down the iPod, so I could hear myself.  When I wanted to quit after 10 miles, I convinced myself to do 12.  When I finished 12, I talked myself into why it was better to do 13 — HEY that’s a Half!  When I did 13, I forced myself to see the sense in running mil 14 because it was downhill.  Its only logical, right?  And even after I told myself I was allowed to walk the HILL — I motivated myself to scoot up that hill, because WHY, WHY WHY would we run 14 miles and walk at the end?  WHO walks across the finish line?   Not us, that’s who!

At the end, when I hit the sidewalk past my Street Sign Finish Line and my knees seized up and became solid blocks of wood —- the thought floating around my head was this, “Hey — it’s only 11 more miles.  That’s not so bad.”  Hey…. oh boy.  The crazy is setting in, for sure!

Everything about this experience is outside the norm.

Running ungodly distances.

Waking up when everybody else (besides the coyote and deer) are still sleeping.

Pouring ice into your bath water and being happy about it.

This Marathon experience is Outside the Norm.

But come New Yeart– when I’m lined up in my corral with my fellow slow pokes on Jan 13, 2013 — standing and waiting at 330am with 24,999 of my closest friends.  Waiting for the race to start.  Having run over 650 miles, just so we can run 26.2.  We will be WAYYYY Outside of the Norm standing there together.  And THAT’s what’s really really cool about it!

Ciao for now……Diane

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