Thanks….thanks….and more thanks!

Thanks….thanks….and more thanks!

Thanksgiving week was busy busy busy.  Wrapping up the work week, shopping for Turkey Day dinner, and Running, Running, Running!    So much going on, so much to catch up on!  But It’s All Good!

The Thanksgiving Day food plan was simple.  A week before, I asked Cait, Erin and Peter — “what one thing MUST you have?  What SCREAMS Thanksgiving for you, and mustn’t be missed?”   This approach proved to be Gold and led us to a happy, wonderful day!  Erin said Pumpkin Pie, Caity wanted Stuffing, Peter wanted Turkey, and I wanted Biscuits.    Throw in some veg, and it’s a PLAN!

Armed with my Weight Watchers Point Scanner App, Peter and I headed to the supermarket.  My mission was to zap biscuits and come up with the one with the lowest WW points.  The WINNER WAS>>>>>Pillsbury Crescent Rolls.  Original, no Fat Free or Low Fat crap — This is Thanksgiving!   Anything we eat needs to be Thanksgiving-Worthy!   Points-friendly AND Yummy.  No Less.  3ppv.  SCORE!  With all our food in the bag, we headed home for a small, yet festive Family Thanksgiving.  I couldn’t imagine anything better — quite frankly.

On the running front, the week started with a 4 mile run on  Monday, a rest day on Tuesday, and the 6 miles required on Weds, Thurs, and Friday.    The Wednesday run was wonderful, easy, the weather was l.o.v.e.l.y.  Got my 6 miles in early, then spent the rest of the day working, and getting everything settled in that department.  Wednesday night, I got all my running gear ready for the morning, washed, organized and set out all my Turkey making apparatus….and got an early night to bed. Thursday was going to be BUSY!

Turkey Day — up early at 6am.  Just me, Jewel and Zoey, our 2 chocolate labs.  I put the dogs out, got them settled, threw on a Duraflame log, turned on NBC, to see the pre-parade activities.  All of my life, I have loved the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  And now it has become a tradition that has passed from my childhood, down to my daughters’ childhood.  In those wee morning hours, I made myself a cup of coffee and began making turkey and stuffing.  My Mom’s recipes.  Hey, they might not be as sophisticated as the Chef’s on TV displayed — but these recipes were tried, and true,,,,and were full of love passed down from my mother to me, and now from me to Peter, Cait and Erin.  I couldn’t imagine anything tasting any better, to my taste buds or my heart-strings.  It was delicious, body mind and spirit!  My Mom was miles away in Florida, with my sister.  But through those recipes, and in my memories — when I am making a turkey on Thanksgiving and Christmas — I am transported.   I am 10 years old again, standing on a chair next to the oven, toasting bread for the stuffing, with my Mom standing next to me sauteing celery and onions.   For that brief hour, it is quiet.  I’m alone with my memories.  Alone in my kitchen,  with my Mom.  Sheer joy.  Thanksgiving will forever be like this.  For me. No matter how old I am.   I love you Mom.  Forever and Always.  and pssst, you’d be so proud of me Mom —  I didn’t burn the toast this time 🙂

One hour later, Tom the Turkey went into the oven.  Jewel and Zoey gave me the sad eyes like I cheated them out of whatever that was that smelled so good!  Sorry girly girls.  Then I dressed myself in my running gear, grabbed my Gatorade, and snuck out of the house before anyone else woke up.  Thanksgiving morning there were ALOT of people running, walking, shuffling, LOL.  Something tells me they all K.N.E.W. they had some calorie-rich festive celebrations coming their way, and were trying to get ahead of it with some exercise damage control.  For me, I felt very SATISFIED with the food plan, and being outside that morning was about clearing my head, being outside in stillness with nature — and getting in the miles.  I had to FIGHT the urge to stop.  Like always.  But I got in those 6 miles, and landed back on my front stoop — happy, healthy, and HUNGRY!

With the turn of the doorknob and a step, I was inside.  Slapped in the face by the rich aromas of roasting turkey!  Awesome!  It’s amazing how in one simple hour, the house can begin to fill with such splendid aromas.  My family was comfy in the family room, under lap blankets — the parade had just begun.  With a kiss to Peter, and a pet to the dogs, I made my way into the kitchen to the coffee machine.  My cup filled with Caramel Drizzle — it was time for breakfast.  French Toast and Bacon for them, Eggs for me.    We ate breakfast together in front of the Parade, the house was filled with laughter, chatter and joy.

Later, we enjoyed our Thanksgiving meal together, and later still — pumpkin pie and coffee and egg nog.  The food plan held together and THAT tasted better than anything Peter or I cooked that day!

On Saturday – I awoke early and drove myself to my WW meeting, with coffee in hand.  I lost 2 pounds Thanksgiving Week.  And I didn’t feel like I missed a thing.  Not One Thing.

The Day was a Joy.  And I’m here to tell ya, that Joy Comes With Food and Without.  That was a wonderful lesson learned this year.  Growth Feels Great!

Ciao for now…..Diane

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