D@mn girl, you are stubborn!

D@mn girl, you are stubborn!

Every day when I walk out the door to do my run…..I have this knot in my stomach.  It’s a worry — a worry that today will be the day that I can’t run.  That today is the day the big charade is over……and my true weak, non-Runner identity will be exposed to the whole world.  Everyday.

Everyday?  Really?  D@mn girl, you are stubborn.  

Have you not learned anything bout yourself in all these weeks?  All the improvements in your breathing, your energy, your speed, pace, endurance.  All the strength that you have built — have you not been able to feel it, see it, sense it, KNOW IT?  What has to happen Diane, for you to Believe in Yourself?  What more do you need?  Don’t you remember how back in September, the mere sight of those weeks with the 6 mile runs just gave you a nauseous stomach?  Don’t you remember?  And what happens now?  Cuz N.O.W. is those weeks.  You go out.  You run those 6 mile runs.  You F.I.G.H.T for them.  You F.I.N.I.S.H. them.  Every day.  Wednesday.  Thursday,  Friday.  And even some Saturdays.   Are they all flukes, Diane?  D@mn girl, you are stubborn!


There is no big charade!  This has not been a fluke!  You.  Y.O.U.  have done the work.  Y.O.U have been determined.  Y.O.U. have earned every single one of those miles.  They didn’t just happen.  And sure as hell, nobody gifted them to you.  Y.O.U. claimed them, banged them out, served them up, and ate them for breakfast.  For months.  and months.  D@mn girl, you are stubborn!

You’ve been lying to yourself.  You’ve been whispering to yourself that it’s getting too hard.  Been telling yourself that it’s getting scary.


You have been getting ready…all along….just for this.  For these long runs.  For the 18 miles.  For the 20 miles.  For the 22 miles.  For the ultimate…26.2 miles.  THIS is what it has been all about, all along!  Y.O.U. are ready.  Y.O.U. are strong enough.  Y.O.U. are not scared.  Y.O.U. are going to LOVE this.

Y.O.U are about to experience one of the highlights of your life.  Don’t you get it?  Let that Idea settle in on you.

Get Ready.

Get Excited.

Start Seeing It For What It Is.

Y.O.U. have worked for this.

No one gave it to Y.O.U.

Open Your Eyes.

….and BREATHE!

and when you are out there.  Doing the 20 on Sunday.  Girl, Be D@MN STUBBORN!  Be STUBBORN THAT day.  Because you are ready.  Y.O.U. KNOW HOW! Now, Go Do IT!

Ciao for now…..Diane

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