No!  Not me….LOL…the fox!

Up early on a Saturday morning, and in the car to Weight Watchers.  My temp threshold for biking to the meeting is 40 degrees.  Below that, it’s just too cold to bike.  This morning, it was below 36, so — into the car.  Besides that, I had to run 6 miles today — so best to save my leg strength for the run.

Home by 9 and out to my run by 915a.  As I made my way down the street, walking my warm up to the street sign starting line — I caught a glimpse of motion to my  right, in my peripheral vision.  Now, while it was a cool morning, it was a bright and sunny morning.  The sun was high in the sky, with blue clouds all around.  So, when I saw the fox, my first thought was — out kinda late beautiful??

Yea, I would have thought she would have been back in her den by now, with morning well under way, and human foe, like myself, out and about.  She ran across the street just in front of me — coming from the field.

Ohhh, she was pretty.  Bigger than a cat, smaller than a dog.  A gorgeous burnt orange color.  Her fur was full, and her tail was bushy and thick.  Signs that she had readied herself for winter.  When she made it to the other side of the street, she jumped the curb, and pranced down the sidewalk toward the park.  LOL.  I laughed to myself because it was a peculiar sight.  A little wild fox, skipping down the street on the sidewalk — heading to the woods behind the neighborhood park.  Walking in the footsteps of the kids and the moms and the strollers who have walked the same path.   From now on, when I walk my dogs down the same sidewalk, I WILL be thinking about how we are traveling in the footsteps of a F.O.X.

Kinda cool.

Ciao for now…Diane

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