sometimes it’s best to wait a day

sometimes it’s best to wait a day

The wind woke me this morning – howling through the trees and banging against the bedroom windows.  Thank goodness Peter loves me — so when I woke him at 5:15am to check the weather for me — he didn’t mind.  I’m so lucky.  I married a jewel of a man.

Conditions were icy coupled with a 20-mph wind.   Peter scanned the weather predictions for tomorrow, and that appears to be the better of the two days.  Since I’m off work tomorrow, I decided, there in the darkness of our bedroom, to swap out my 22 mile run from today to tomorrow.   The temps might only be a few degrees warmer tomorrow, but the winds should only be 1/2 what they are today, and THAT will make a big difference.  I want to give myself the best chance at this one! So I’ll run Monday’s 3 miles today — and get another good night sleep.  Tomorrow would be the day.

Besides, it seems kind of fitting that I spend the last day of 2012 doing the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. What a way to end the year!

2012 — we have one last date together.  And Oh Boy — Is It A Doozy!!    We will DEF! be popping the champagne cork tomorrow night.  Although the chances of my making midnight just went waaaay down.  LOL

Ciao for now….Diane

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