running – check; healthy eating – no check

running – check; healthy eating – no check

Reality check.    Diane — if you don’t change your mentality toward healthy eating — you will be running to lose the same 20 pounds…. for the rest of your life.

Oh…..  🙁



I began running this week, just like the schedule said.  Marathon Brian warned me that it would be tough.  To get back into it.  And it is.   That first mile tries to break me – each and every time.  But I commit to it.  I tell myself – “look, we are doing 1.5 miles, 2 miles, x miles — period.  Now breathe.  Breathe.  Breathe”.  and the Breathe mantra is what I repeat to myself, until I find that groove, where I forget.  I forget that I want it to be over.  And just run.  I let myself just….Go.

It’s not easy…the running.  but I push myself to do it.  And Iove it afterwards.  I even love remembering back to my running…it makes me feel good about myself  — good that I have a competency at something hard.  That makes sense, doesn’t it??  I imagine this is what great pianists or cellist must feel.  They have tremendous competency at something most of us cannot even imagine.  That’s how running feels for me.  Even though I am no kenyan…, I’m just a junior gazelle….but, I really L.I.K.E. myself as a runner.  I L.I.K.E the identity.  Yup, that’s what happens when you fall in love with a vision.  It feels good to BE Yourself!  Once and for All.

So how do I fall in love with being a healthy eater??  I NEED to adopt that identity, I need to attach myself to it, and let it be just like the running.  Sure…it will be hard.  But …maybe I can learn to love how I feel about it at the end of the day.  Maybe when I pull on the swim suit of my dreams, without the need for vegetable oil to get the d@mn thing up and over my hips.  Maybe THEN, I will love being a healthy eater.  I dunno.  I just know that I MUST turn this corner.  I’ve been on this same road toward weight loss for 3 years, and truth is….I’ve been dicking around for a lot of it.  Sure, I’ve done great things,  I lost 75 pounds.  But then I gain 15 and have to lose  the 15 AGAIN.  Then 6 months go by and I gain the same 15 agian.  And so on and so on.

It Is SUPER FRUSTRATING!  And I HATE IT!  Well Diane, the only way to put an end to it once and for all….is to make a change, once and for all.

What is there to lose?   I mean..besides 60 more pounds!  Lets do it.  We begin right now.


I’m in.

Let’s do this — once and for all.  We’ll do it for You Diane.  You deserve it kid!

Ciao for now….Diane


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  1. Like said in a previous post Diane… This is a meeting many people will cherish. Hope to see you on Saturday. I like you, can really enjoy the exercise. Maybe it’s just the instant satisfaction we get from exercise? Eating healthy will show itself over a period of time. For me it’s just plain old mindless eating. Thanks for this post because it’s only 6:31 AM and I opened the refrigerator and was going to mindlessly take a piece of a sub my husband left over from last night somehow talk myself out of it got my water bottle and am watching TV. You are so right it has to stop, has to stop!!!! Good nutrition is a must to
    make this work for the rest of our lives. I think I am going to ditch the water for now and go make myself a pot of coffee. Have a great day Diane

    • Hey Ivy — good job turning away from that sub! I went to bed early last night, and woke up this morning with calm. I decided to have a completely different breakfast than my normal egg omelet. I went with Blueberry Fax Oatmeal with added blueberries, a cup of coffee and a banana. I’m full, warm, and satisfied. Now I have to plan my snack. And I’m going to move from meal to meal like that today. Ahhhh. Day 1. We can do this!! See you Saturday Ivy! LOL, I’m riding my bike! Ciao for now.

  2. I can relate Diane. The exercise part comes fairly easy. I have to say easier when I’m making wise food choices. Maybe it is that exercise/running gives almost instantaneously satisfaction. When making nutritious food choices we will see the results over a period of time. Tomorrow’s meeting should be interesting. My issue is mindless eating. I read this post about an hour ago right after I open the refrigerator, now mind you that was 6:30 this morning (No reason to even open the darn thing nothing couldn’t change between them and I went to bed when I got up) My husband had a half of sandwich left over from last night night. What did I do… I took a knife and cut a small piece for myself. I thought about it and said this is crazy. Put it back but what did I need to do that for ???? WTH?? Right after that I read this post and made myself a nice hot cup of coffee. It is certainly a conscious effort that we need to make, so it tough one we H.A.V.E to make it if we want to make it work. You’re such a great person Diane, I admire your honesty. Have a Wonderful day.!!! So tomorrow’s meeting… Why do we do what we do, that should be one interesting meeting.

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