My week ended today in my seat in the back row of the 8am Weight Watchers Meeting in East Brunswick.  It had been a busy one.  Full of hectic, indecision, work, errands, travel, homework, worry, insomnia, laughs, happiness, running  — all of it  A very normal week of L.i.v.i.n.g.  But how I chose to deal with it was different.  And THAT was this week’s progress!


The topic today was all about progress means and what constitutes progress.    How do you know you are making it?  And what about potential?  Are progress and potential the same?  Does everybody have potential?  Can you live a week and leave your potential on the table, and not achieve it at all??  Hell Yes.  Been ther, doen that MAny Many times!

My experiment this week of “Being Real” was an important one.  I learned a lot about myself this week, and (by my own unscientific measurements)…I made progress.  toward my goal.  As my friend Scott rightly pointed out in today’s meeting.  In order to have progress….to measure progress…. you must have a goal.  Because it’s the goal, we. are. progressing. towards!.  Right?   right.

Anyway, my goal is a simple one.  It’s not about losing weight  or being a NUMBER.  INo, I’ve converted my goal into this simple thing —- Eat when hungry, and Let it be Delicious!

Seems simple, I know.  But  behind that simple statement….live alot of my demons.  The demons that want to eat volumes of stuff.  Mindless, tasteless stuff.  For reasons other than hunger.  With needs that have nothing to do with food.  And with standards that exist far below delicious.  So…..eating for sustenance.  And choosing foods that will satisfy me….are my two goals.   But..But…Diane….what about the scale??

Well — that ole thing is in the linen closet.  And it’s going to stay there.  AS scary as it was….I rode my bike to my WW meeting, unlaced my sneakers, and jumped on their scale ( Good old Scale #1 — my longtime friend and ally)….and weighed in Without Knowing What It Was Gonna Say!  Holy Batmobile Batman!

Yea, I was shaking a little.

The results were good.  I lost 1 pound.  1 whole pound of fat.  I was pleased.  Mostly because — I didn’t torture myself this week to lose that pound.  I didn’t obsess over it.  I didn’t fixate on it.  I didn’t worry about it every single day.  Nope, I just took each day, and tried my bet to eat till I was full, and to enjoy everything I ate.  And Voila….as the French would say — 1 pound and ALOT of stressing and worry….G.O.N.E.

I’m committed to progress.  And not just plain old progress.  I’m committed to Relentless Forward Progress.  The kind that ensures I pack up my full potential ..and take it with me on everyday’s adventure.  Because…I’m excited to see who I’m capable of becoming!

Even butterflies can dare to dream 🙂

Ciao for now…..Diane

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