Spring is definitely here.  3 reasons why I’m sure!


1) it’s going to be 60 degrees today and my cherry trees are bloom-ing! — sooo pretty!

2) I have a massive headache!  All that tree pollen has caused my allergies to flare — which in me causes sinusitis and a killer sinus headache!  Oh well….I will survive.  but I’m suffering today.  Suffering.

and lastly, and perhaps the B.E.S.T reason…..

3) I saw a bumble bee today.  A happy, healthy big fat fuzzy round one.  Flitting around my flower garden…like he/she remembered this was the place for juicy nectar filled flowers last year.  Ohhh…come visit my trees Mr. Bumble.  Gather up the same pollen that is torturing me….and take it back to feed your family.   Because …..my garden will be open for business and serving you and your buddies and babies …very soon.  Very soon.   Soooo good to see you.

Ciao for now…….Diane


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