nothing beats home-made!

nothing beats home-made!

My daughter Erin takes an elective in school called Chef’s Lab.  It’s what they called in my day…Home Economics!  She came home last week with a muffin recipe and announced to us all that We — her Homies — were getting Banana Nut muffins a la Erin on Sunday!  S-C-O-R-E!  I LOVE homemade muffins!  especially if I don’t have to bake them myself!


Soon after breakfast on Sunday, clashing and clanking began in the kitchen — out came the muffin tins and the baking racks.  She wanted to do it on her own, UNLESS she asked for help.  A certain pride filled the kitchen.  It wafted off of Erin because she was “running the show” and doing very well with it.  It wafted off of Mom (me) ….. well….for the very same reasons.  There she shy reticent girl — baking….and proud of herself.  I L.O.V.E.D IT!  I know it may sound silly, but Erin has been a slow-blooming flower.  She hasn’t known just how strong and capable and wonderful she is….until recently.   So watching her move with a combination of confidence and determination in the kitchen…well….THAT was a Super Soul Sunday in our house.

Flour, eggs, brown sugar, bananas and walnuts.  Mashing, pouring, measuring, chopping and yea, some spilling too.  Whatev’s…..that’s what Handiwipes were invented for.  Remember Handiwipes??

30 minutes later, the masterpieces were cooling on the racks, and Erin was calling everyone back into the kitchen to see. Believe me, my nose knew the way.  Our house was filed with the sweet aroma of banana nut muffins and S.U.C.C.E.S.S.  I’m not certain which smelled sweeter!

Later that day, while munching a muffin…(an aside — she even made smaller sized ones which we deemed WW sized, just for me.  LOL)….later that day, Erin and I had a nice chat about those muffins.  About how they tasted so fresh, and fluffy and less sweet than the sugar laced, prepackaged kind you buy in the store.  She taught me how we could use the same recipe and swap out the bananas and nuts for other options, like apples and cinnamon or blueberries, or chocolate chips, or pumpkin.  Basically the entire Muffin World lay at our feet.  We would never be Muffin-Less again, because we learned… to fill our lives with Muffins on Sunday.  Or at least Erin did.  Because THAT was the best part.  Watching Erin’s bloom open just a little that day.  She learned about herself….she learned (just a little) that s.h.e could bring flavor and sweetness to her own life….without Mom and Dad.  Yup — she could do it….all on her own.  In my mind’s eye, she was flying down the street on her bike for the first time again….no training wheels.  This was the Real Deal.

Home made is often best.  and that’s not just for muffins.  Confidence, self-esteem, love, independence, maturity…..all Home Made.  With Love.  Sometimes with tough love…..but love, none the less.

Thanks for the muffins sweetheart — they were delicious!  My tummy and my heart are f.u.l.l!

Ciao for now…….Diane



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