Saturday I had a stupid accident….that landed me in the Emergency Room.  I burned my esophagus after sipping an incredibly hot cup of cappuccino!  I wish I could just slap a big bandaid on my chest and feel better!  Because, OMG – the pain is incredible!!


I felt it in my mouth — the overwhelming heat.  Unfortunately, habit takes over ….. and I swallowed it.  I should have spit it right out — all over the floor.   But it just goes to show you how deeply ingrained habits are.  Even when your life or health may depend on it — your body reacts with the behaviors it k.n.o.w.s.

I drank down a huge glass of cold water, which probably helped…but it wasn’t going to avoid the issue.  The damage was already done.  As the day went on, swallowing became hard.  Eating — impossible.  I nibbled on bits of a banana, sipped a glass of milk…later ate a few grapes.  It was then the extreme vomiting began.   Everything.  Anything.  It wasn’t going to stay down.    My chest hurt so bad.  When I began to shiver and shake — that was it — Peter took me to the E.R.

Home 3-4 hours later with meds, and a long road of recovery ahead of me.  I feel foolish.  It was a simple thing….yet it caused such an awful problem for me.  I’ve been sleeping in spurts.  Finding it hard to sit or lay down for long periods.  Eating mouthfuls of yogurt.  Sips of water and iced tea.  I’d like to close my eyes and just sleep until I’ve recovered.  But unfortunately, to heal…I have to do the work.

The body is amazing.  It recovers from almost everything foolish we do.  Thank goodness!  Sleep.  Rest.  Meds.  and More Sleep.  That’s my plan.  For the next few days anyway.

Ciao for now…..Diane

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