oh the irony!

oh the irony!

So it’s a bit ironic that last week I couldn’t stop myself from eating……and this week, because of my scorched esophagus….I can barely eat at all!


I’ve been surviving on yogurt and pudding and iced tea diluted with water, and pain meds.   If I ever wondered what it must feel like for one of those sword swallowers in the circus side show, well — mystery solved.!!   The P.A.I.N is overwhelming.  Eating and sleeping being the worst.  Yesterday, it took me 2 hours to eat a yogurt.  All 6 ounce of it.  Each mouthful goes down easily enough, but then it hits that spot in my esophagus, where — FIRE and BRIMSTONE ignite!  Holy H#LL!  Drinking the ice tea diluted with water was recommended by the ER doctor.    It gives some amount of soothing, but even liquid gets trapped in that painful intersection somewhere deep inside my digestive tract — where any sort of food — is the enemy!

Eating slowly has become…well…a habit of sorts.  More of a necessity.  It’s the o.n.l.y. way I’m going to get anything down.  I’m trying to keep my spirits up, trying to see the bright side.  Maybe, maybe this slow eating business…with sips of water in between will FINALLY stick — when all of this is over.

I’m going to try to keep that lesson.

Ciao for now…..Diane


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