Marathon Training Phase 1: Week One Results!

Marathon Training Phase 1: Week One Results!

Total and Complete Satisfaction are the words that come to my mind when I think about how Week One of my Weight Loss and Speed Phase of Training (Phase 1).  This doesn’t mean that everything went perfectly….Ohhh Noooo, not at all.  Blech.  Who wants perfect anyway?  Perfect is B.O.R.I.N.G.  (LMAO!!)  The Satisfaction comes because ….I KNOW I gave it my all, and I LEARN-ed things.  That’s GREAT payback from Week 1.

So, as you know….most of my miles were on the treadmill this week, with a few outside.  7.5 miles for the week in total.  The Intervals were the highlight of the week.  What a new Perspective that run gave me.  It was a WOW, and an Ah-Ha moment all wrapped together.   I look forward to the pain and suffering of further Intervals (LOL), because I’m really really interested to see if the “speed play” will work for me.  I have Faith.

Ok, lets chat about the scale this week.  The cold, calibrated, soulless piece of metal (right Scott?).  Yes, Yes, you are right.  No more battles over the scale.  It’s we human beings that bring all of our vulnerabilities, and hopes and dreams, and some weeks….our prayers and crossed fingers… the scale.   This week, I marched proudly, with head held high to Scale #1.  Oh yeah, I’m still hopelessly and neurotically in love with Scale #1.  Why still?  Oh, don’t misunderstand.  Life isn’t all roses and champagne  on Scale #1.  I gain on that scale, and I lose on that scale, so is not that.  I’ve just decided that THIS is the place where I am going to reach GOAL   I’ve been bold enough to let myself Picture it.  In my stocking feet,  right there on that 1×1 square foot of cold, soulless metal.  So Scale #1 has become part of my Vision for Myself…and its hopelessly sewn in there.  So, that’s the way Its Gotta Be!

Ok, so back to the results.  I tried a Mind Game this week with my Weekly Points in an attempt to curb by over-eating and snacking.  I decided to treat my WPs like a Points Bank Account.  No spending Points I don’t have, and no Bouncing Points Checks.  I’m very very responsible with money.  Saving it, spending it wisely, making it last, stretching it.  So, I decided to try thinking about my WPs in this same way…..and worked very very hard not to spend them all by Sunday night.  Uh…which is pretty normal for me.  So…the WP Bank of Diane stayed solvent the whole week, and I ended the week in the black with a spare few WPs left, like pennies to rub together.    BUT, that doesn’t matter.  The mind game worked…..and the cold piece of soulless metal confirmed it.  I lost 3.4 pounds this week.  WOW.   “Please, Sir…May I have Some More“?   MORE??   MORE??   Yes, just like Oliver Twist….I want some More.

So I’m going to try it again — spreading my WPs out across the week — spending my WP Bank Balance more wisely.  Building a new Food Habit by relying on strong behaviors that are already embedded parts of my Value System.  Working hard to build a new habit of Eating Healthy, Controlled Snacking, AND Weight Loss.  Oh BABY!

Ciao for now….Diane

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