Today was a rest day, and good thing too — because with all the tree pollen in the air — I can barely breathe!

Spring, spring, glorious spring.  Truly, I love it — but the watery, itchy red eyes, and constant sniffling get annoying pretty fast.    Add to that the fact that the sun crept back into the rainy cave that was last week.  And the result is — I feel kinda down in the dumps.  I’m not going to let it bother me though.  I’ve decided to BELIEVE that these feelings are transitory.  You now…HERE today, GONE Tomorrow.  Nothing a cap full of Nyquil and a Good night sleep can’t fix. No Biggie.  But I AM fighting off the urge to Feed My Mood.  My “Smart Brain” is telling my “Emotional Brain” that what my spirit is hungry for…is NOT inside the chips and the cookies.  SHE doesn’t want to hear it much, but….whatever!  —  Talk To The Hand!

Sometimes when it rains, the best thing (and the only thing) you can do is take advantage of nature’s cycles of life and growth, and plant a seed for tomorrow.   So, I spent a night back on the Couch.  I Know, I Know!  It was weird for me too!  And I began searching the big World-Wide-Web for the seed.  The single kernel I wanted to plant today on this rainy Monday, so it could root, and sprout, and grow into my mood for Tomorrow.

I came across a quote that made me realize something important.  I’m not really feeling bad, or down at all.  I’m just feeling sort of quiet, flat…maybe “Still” is the right word for it.  This was an important discovery because it was only then that my Smart Brain reminded me — that being Still can be very good.  In our busy, hustle-n-bustle world, with iPhones and iPads, and iPods — the world of i-, i-, i-,  has become full of Me Me Me people who want to do nothing more than talk about themselves all day long.  It’s created an expectation of talk talk talk and blog blog blog all the time time time.    What’s a girl to do when she’s just “not feelin’ it“?  Well — interestingly enough — that’s when the quote comes in really handy.  Here it is — Read it slowly, and purposefully……

Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.

My first thought when I read it was visceral — “God, I LIKE that so much“!  My second thought was contemplative – ” I wonder if you would have LIKED it as much last year? Back then, there wasn’t much stillness or sanctuary inside you.  Mostly criticism, and blame.”

That was a really interesting realization.  A “You’ve Come A Long Way Baby” Moment.  It was then I decided to planted the seed for Stillness for tomorrow.   The idea that I didn’t have far to go to be able to find a retreat any time I wanted one, feels delicious and rewarding.   Still, it is.


Ciao for now……..Diane

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