it’s inside versus outside, duh!!

it’s inside versus outside, duh!!

So I ran the 5K again this morning.  I was successful.  It wasn’t debatable this time.  It was Gonna Happen!  But it was rough.  Tough.  It was a fight.  As soon as I said that word in my head, as I was running today, all the pieces fell together.  All those runs, out on the pavement,  when I was training for the half……  They were ALL a fight.  I remember (back then), saying, writing, typing….that I had to learn to be a Fighter!  I think I’ve lost, misplaced, forgotten, some of my Fight.  These past weeks I’ve been running on the treadmill, because it’s been really hot outside…..and THAT explains alot!  Let’s go….

Don’t get me wrong, the treadmill has been great.  It’s kept me running during some brutal weeks when temps of 95-105 would have had me back inside on the couch in no time at all.   Plus the Interval running has been excellent.  Its helping my speed play alot and building my confidence and ability to run faster.  But the trouble with running inside on the tread, is that I can create a nice comfy environment for myself.  I crank down the air conditioning to make it chilly.  Oooh, I LOVE Love love running when it’s cold.   The treadmill is smooth, propels me forward, controls my pace, controls my direction (er — there is only one — straight ahead), and my attention is minimal.  All I have to do is keep my legs moving.  And not think too much.  Easy.  Peasy.  Nice. Nice. Nice.

When I hit the pavement yesterday and then again today — d@mn, the realities of running outside came back, with a vengence…..crashing down on me like a hail storm.  Realities like…the heat, the sun beating down, the cracked pavement, the curbs, the traffic, the hills, the  pace….where is my pace where I can breathe?  What do you mean I have to find it myself?  Where is the button that says 5.7??  Running outside requires alot of thinking, and a lot of attention, and alot of fighting.  Being inside….I kinda forgot all of that.  I was just blissfully enjoying my “progress”.  Watching the treadmill numbers climb. Convincing myself that I was getting faster.  Feelling Soooo good about myself.  Well, ….that is….until….I opened the front door, and walked outside.

All my effort, all my treadmill progress didn’t transfer to the pavement.  I did my warm up walk with a small amount of cockiness…. like, hey, watch this.  I’m going to bang out 3 miles at 10:20mm.  Um, <BUZZER>, NOT!  Epic Fail!

Not so fast Diane.  Oh, you’ve made progress, Yes.  Your time inside has helped you, AND it will transfer outside, eventually!  However, you’ve been hiding inside too long.  You have to come back out to the road, and re-learn your FIGHT.  Learn to fight the sun, and the heat, and the endurance parts of running.  You’ve gone soft kid.  But the good news is this…..that Fighter, the one who banged out that Half back in April……she’s in there.

Go find her.  Take her outside.  And Run.  And Fight.  You will be feeling better in no time.

Ciao for now……Diane

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