the beginning of something else

the beginning of something else

After my “crash and burn” 5K on Sunday, I did go for that bike ride.  And it was uplifting in a number of ways.

Peter is usually always in for a bike ride.  Sunday was the finale of the Tour de France, so I kinda had to convince him that going for our own “tour” on the bike was better than watching somebody else’s……Tough Trick Diane.  Do you also pull rabbits out of Hats??  Actually, Mother Nature helped me by creating the most glorious day.  Perfect low 70s, no humidity.  It was a dream to be outside…..and the Tour seemed a lock with Wiggins, so…..outside we went.

A week or so ago, Peter and I jumped in the car and drove a route which will become my Marathon training Long run route.  It basically builds on the same long run route I used for the Half, and extends it further…and further….and further.  LOL.  If you are laiughing….laugh some more, cuz I’m not kidding.  My Half Long run route was 5 miles out, and 5 miles back for a total of 10 miles.  In my Half training, I never got to run the 11 mile run, because I hurt myself in Florida on vacation the week before….and so miles beyond 10 was a mystery to me until the Big Day!  So my long run route took me 10 miles to the end of Old Stage Road…..and beyond that was…..The. Great. Unknown. !!  So….you know what happens when you come to the end of something????  Yup — ya gotta create the beginning of something else!

Peter and I piled into the car, and scoped out where 13 miles would take me.  We made a right turn at the end of Old Stage Road, and began creating my plan for 13 miles and 15 miles.  That was enough for this day.  The 18 mile, 20 mile and 22 mile plans can wait for another day.  That was looking too far into the future for right now.

Back to Sunday — so Peter and I mounted our bikes, loaded up with water, and a couple of Chomps, and we decided to ride the 13 mile long run route — to get a better feel for how it will feel for me when I’m on my feet out there.  It’s funny.  Peter always calls Old Stage Road “our bike route”.  But to me, long before it became our bike route….it was my Sunday running route.  I had run that road 16 times during my 18 week Half training.  It is a very familiar place.  I know where the sidewalk bends.  I know where the broken curbs are.  I (generally) know who doesn’t mow their lawn, and who doesn’t shovel their sidewalk (shame shame)…it’s home turf.  It feels familiar.  And whether its 3 miles or 13 miles is in front of you….that helps alot.

Peter and I chat alot as we ride.  Its great together time for us.  We’re riding hard, enjoying the exercise.  But we never forget to spend time together while we are doing it — and that’s important to both of us.  This way, no matter how exhausting a ride may be for us….each time we head out to do it, we leave with happiness and joy.  I believe these are two critical ingredients for continuing anything difficult for a prolonged period of time.  They are not always there….but it’s something to strive for.  It helps the process.

When I made the right turn past Old Stage Rd, and the new world opened up to me — I felt it.  I felt the excitement of the next challenge.  For me, it’s easy to feel some fear when I’m home thinking about double-digit miles.  So the important thing to do is — get up off the couch and get out there!  As I rode, on the unknown path, I felt my confidence growing.  Oh yea, I know this road.  Ahh, yes, I remember that place, that house, that cemetery, that park.  I was writing the course into my spirit.  Remembering how it looks, how it feels.

I was helping myself to get out of my own way.  I was creating something new, expanding what I knew to be familiar, making room in my soul for the beginning of something else.  And it felt F.I.N.E.!!!

Ciao for now……Diane

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