Happy Birthday Me!

Happy Birthday Me!

I’m 47 today.  I feel stronger and younger than ever before!  How’s that for a Birthday present!

Thank you Running!

The day was spent feeling Loved.  My husband gave me a beautiful card, and splurged on a pair of Oakley sunglasses for Race Day.  What a great guy!  It was just what I needed!  And I’m grateful.  This year, no jewelry could have surpassed that.

Both our girls surprised me with tenderness and thoughtfulness.  My Erin is a funny girl, and yet soooo shy when it comes to her feelings.  She wrote me the most beautiful card…pouring out her feelings.  I don;t know about you, but…..the moment I received that card is one of the moments that a Mom lives for.  I knew in that moment, that Erin and I have a connection.  A life bond.  A bond of love and understanding.  She understands me.  And I understand her.  With that….we can handle a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. life sends our way.  I love you Erin — sooo very much.

Caity and her boyfriend Eric, went to the mall yesterday, to the movies.  Well, it appears they also went shopping for my birthday — and bought me a silver necklace in the image of an angel.  She gave it to me, and said such tender and heartfelt things to me about what it meant to her — having me as her Mom.  My eyes welled up with tears, and well……let’s just say, I floated on air the rest of the day.  All the rough years that have come before today….melted away.

Facebook is a weird creature.  So many Birthday wishes came through Facebook from people throughout my life.  People from High School almost 25 years ago, people from Weight Watchers just last Saturday, and even Family who FB instead of call.  LOL, it’s called progress Diane.  Accept it!  Love comes in many technological forms.  FB, texts, calls, and even the old-fashioned cards! 🙂

I finished the day with one of the mini Funfetti cupcakes I baked last night.  I figured out that 1 regular sized cupcake is 5 PPVs, including frosting.  And then — one regular cupcake equals 3 mini cupcakes.   So the way I figure it — I can eat 6 mini cupcakes, and that’s the equivalent of 2 regular cupcakes!  WHOA!  This is Math that I could L.O.V.E.

So I made only 1 tray of minis…and had the strength to toss the rest of the batter.  Yup, I didn’t even bake them.  AND I didn’t lick the bowl.  SAY WHAT???  Here’s a picture of these little cuties!



Each one is small enough to just pop ’em into your mouth.  One mouthful.  But….I’ve decided to make each one last for 3 bites.  They are juuust the right size to satisfy my taste buds and flood my mouth with delicious Birthday sweetness!  And then…..I get 5 more!  WOOT! WOOT! (but not all today!)

I’m so happy with the Universe today.  I feel good in heart and body.  My heart is so satisfied with life and love.  That’s not something I honestly have said very often in my life.  Does this mean that life is perfect?  HELL NO!  LOL.  But sometimes, when you allow yourself to accept it as it comes, with it warts, and scars, and little disappointments….and choose to see all that noise for the small imperfections that they are….well….on those days, you’ve made it!.  On those days, it doesn’t take perfect to be Wonderful.  Perfect doesn’t exist.  But…wonderful does!

Today was Wonderful.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  Not a thing!

Ciao for now……Diane

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