ridiculously hot, ridiculously.

ridiculously hot, ridiculously.

Sooooo…..it’s gonna be ridiculously hot in Orlando for the Marathon.  Yup, yup, yup.  Ridiculously.

Puuurrrrfect weather would be a 40 degree cool start at 530am, and a nice 60ish finish.  That would be purrrrfect.  Weather that would have us runners purring like kittens.  The slight chill is good for running, because remember…..running adds 20 degrees to the body temperature.  So at 40, it will feel like 60.  At 60, it will feel like 80.  and so on and so forth.

But Nooooo.  This was too much to ask for.  I mean, when I was down in Orlando last Christmas seeing my Mom and my sister, we were freezing our oranges off watching the Christmas parade on Christmas Eve.  Why couldn’t we have a repeat of last year?  Just one freakishly cold day on Sunday Jan 13th is all I was begging for!  Was I asking for too much?

Yep – too much.

As of right now, the weather is clear, no rain.  The temps at 530 will be in the low 60’s a.l.r.e.a.d.y!  Wait for it.  (I mean this IS Florida).  Wait for it……With a humidity of 96%!  YES!  Florida!  Florida!  F-ing, F-ing Florida!!

By noon when I finish, it could be approaching 80 degrees.   With humidity down around 60%.


It’s gonna be ridiculously Hot.  I’m rethinking bringing my own my water belt.  As of right now,  I’m bringing it.  Load up my two Camelback bottles, carry them — and drink from them when needed.  The extra gatorade and electrolytes will help.

This doesn’t change the big picture.  OH.  I’M.  STILL.  FINISHING.  THIS.  THING!!  Er-  but my photo at the finish line might be utterly unrecognizable.  Very sweaty, sticky, soaking wet.  You will have to identify me by my SMILE.  I’ll be the one beaming from ear to ear, in the puddle that …Once… Was… ME!

Ciao for now…..Diane

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  1. you will be great!! It will be a victory puddle. After a shower all that will be left is the smile and sweet victory:) Good luck…we will all be cheering from here for you.

  2. You still got this. Don’t let the weather psych you out. My first half marathon was the begining of May 2010 was told the same thing, weather should be beautiful in the 60s. You want to guess…..it reached the 90s that day. Just drink lots of water and dont forget the sports drinks too. You know there are lots of people cheering you on near and far!

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