It’s Time for No Expectations!

It’s Time for No Expectations!

“Diane, You’re doing it again!”  And Marathon Brian was right — I’m Over-Thinking this!  But it’s H.A.R.D. not to think, when you have spent your life thinking.  But soon, VERY soon….it’ll be time for the Thinking to Stop.  And the Doing to Start.

So I was ready to sit down with the WDW Marathon course map, and line up the water stops with my fueling timeline, so I could nae sure I know e.x.a.c.t.l.y. when I should take my fuel gels…and have access to water.  “Diane — You are Doing it again.  Making this more complicated than it is.”   Um, Ok Marathon Brian.  But it’s what I DO.  I over-think everything.  And make everything a big deal.  And I worry.  Ohhhh, momma mia, do I worry.  Just one last time, I reached for the Dictionary, and I looked up “worrier”.  The d@mn book nearly fell out of my hands when I saw my picture under the word “worrier”!  LMAO, guilty as charged!

So all the questions I asked Brian yesterday were turned away.  Brian’s tactic with me caught me completely by surprise.  Usually it went like this.   Very linear and straight forward.  Like a Fortran Program from High School.


Diane asks Brian a question.

Brian answers it.

Diane takes Brian’s answer as gospel.

And goes out and does it.


So I was out of my element when Brian’s answers became all Zen!   LOL

What pace should I aim for as I start?  — Whatever feels right.

I have to time my fuel gels to the water stops, and plot it out.  — Take a gel whenever the water stop comes around.  Whenever.

Should I join the pace group.  — Run your own race.  Surrender to it.

Surrender to it?  Um, Hello??  Is Marathon Brian in there & available for a chat?  Cuz there’s some buddhist monk in his chair passing himself off as Brian.


It took me a few minutes to “Get It“.  The time for thinking, and planning, and Q and A was over.    The training was over.  The worrying — also needs to be over.

It’s time.  The race is near.  The day is going to be whatever it was meant to be.  Nothing I do, think, or worry about now is going to change that.  So…I might as well STOP.

So what DID Marathon Brian say?  Well, he didn’t leave me high and dry.  He left me feeling really calm and comfortable in my own skin.  Here is what my mind, body and soul heard him say:

On Sunday morning, you tell yourself — THIS is what you have to do today.  It’s going to take All Day.  And that’s Ok.  Tomorrow, you can be done.  You are Finished — Tomorrow.  But today — THIS is what you need to do.  So relax into it.  And spend today.  Let it happen.  Take it All In And Enjoy it”.

Amen Marathon Brian, amen.  It’s Time for No Expectations.  These days heading into my 1st Marathon are just like the days heading into the Half Marathon.   All the work is done.  All the work is done.  The race is My Payoff.  So make sure to drink it in Diane.   Soak in the sounds, and sights, and smells.  Let the excitement flow through you.  Let your confidence rest upon the hours and miles you invested in order to be ready.  But more than anything — just let it happen.   With no expectations.  Spend the day being proud of yourself — with every step you take.  Be proud of the person you have become.  And Accept, yes…Accept that those people are I.N.D.E.E.D. cheering for you.  Because what you are doing is Amazing.  And N.O. finish time can ever change that!

Ciao for now….and THANK YOU Marathon Brian!!       Diane

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