fake it till you make it!!

fake it till you make it!!

I’ve been waiting it out.  Waiting for the fog around my head to lift.  Working.  Waiting.  Eating.  Working.  Eating.  and, er…..Eating some more. UGH.  I’m waiting to feel less fog.  Um….it’s not happening!  So, change of plans.  [Get mad, Diane.  try that].  So what if I don’t “feel” it!!!  Who cares!   Feelings don’t matter…(much).  I offered a friend some advice last week.  I told her,  “Ignore your feelings.  They are s#it, they lie to you.  They can’t be trusted.”    So I decided to take a huge spoonful of my own advice.  I’m going to ignore my feelings…….and fake it until I make it!    I’m going to “be” upbeat and positive, until I “become” upbeat and positive.  That’s the P.L.A.N.


Tune in tomorrow….and I’ll let you know!

Ciao for now…..Diane


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