the re-start button

the re-start button

Whatever stomach bug or flu that has been creeping around…..well, it caught me.  I’m home today, knocked down pretty well.  Spending the day in bed, sleeping, feverish, sweating, shivering, and miserable.  The way I figure it — this is the bottom of the barrel.  This is as low energy, as wiped-out, as a person can feel.  So — I’m going to surrender to it and rest.  Allow myself to get well at my own pace.  And use this opportunity to clean house physically, to clean out my mind, to dump the “down-in-the-dumps” emotions I’ve been carrying around……and restart.  Hit the proverbial “Re-start Button”.

Hit IT!


In between napping, and feeling sick — I challenged myself to consider this question.  “Diane, What does restarting mean to you?”  I mean….restarting is NOT just saying you are going to restart.  Er, no..Talk rarely MAKES it happen.    That’s where the saying, “All Talk, No Action” came from after all.  So… appears you need Action!  Whatcha gonna DO differently, Diane, when the haze of fever and sweat leaves you, and you are back up on your feet?

Hmmm.  DO.  Yea, that’s right.  DOING, is how change happens.  My mind wanders back to when we explored that chrysalis, and how those fuzzy (and a little creepy) caterpillars wrapped themselves up for a long winters nap to become beautiful, amazing butterflies.  Cuz — inside that chrysalis, well there’s WORK going on.  Ohhhh, it might look all peaceful and quiet and well, ….lazy.  But that’s the secret, that’s the hidden gem.  Inside that protective caterpillar habitat — there’s ALOT going on.  There’s chemistry, and physics, all mixed with a heaping dose of the magic called LIFE.  Ain’t No Lazy Caterpillars in This World!  They are Workaholics actually.   Becoming a Butterfly Takes Gumption, and Dedication.  And W.I.L.L.  Do you have what it takes to become a butterfly, Diane?

So, I explored it …..Hey – Maybe I’m kind of in my own little chrysalis right now?!!    Wrapped up in my American quilt, buried under the warmth of a down blanket.  Consuming tea and occasional oatmeal when I feel up to it.  Feeding myself to keep my strength up.   I’m good at chemistry.  I took physics…, once.  In a galaxy far far away.   And i am TOTALLY into the magic called LIFE.  Hey, I’m a Mom.  I created L.I.F.E.  I’m one of this planet’s magical creatures ALREADY!  Yea, I think I’m Butterfly material.  Yea!  I totally AM!

Well, then let’s get to work!  You’re lined up to spend a few days inside your chrysalis.  Let’s figure out….your Butterfly Plan!  Let’s figure out the Do-ing that it’s going to take.  And when you are feeling better — we’ll break out of this quilted chrysalis — and we’ll Hit That Restart Button.

Ok.  but right now…..can we take a nap?  cuz…..I feel awful.  But that’s just now.  it won’t last forever.

Ciao for now…..Diane



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