Don’t Get Cocky, Diane!

Don’t Get Cocky, Diane!

Who me??

Immediately I became like a little kid, explaining myself, defending myself.  Not me, Marathon Brian, I’m not cocky.  No way.  I’m not like that.

That was yesterday.  I went to see him like one visits a spiritual leader, for advice, and an uplift to my spirit, and some great secret to success…..and that’s what I got.  Don’t Get Cocky, Diane!

Cocky?  Me?  I retracted from the word, like my hand touching a hot stove.  It just didn’t fit right.  Like a sweater that is itchy and a size too small.  It was tight, constricting, and it felt B.A.D.  So immediately I made myself calm down, and accept.  Accept what, you ask?  Oh…the obvious.  And here it is, buckle your seat belt , LOL——->  When you react that emotionally to something ….it’s usually true!

Ok, so if I’m supposedly, maybe, allegedly being this “Cocky” person……Um, I’d better explore it, figure out what it is….so I can figure out how to STOP b.e.i.n.g. IT.

Back to the basics….Dictionary please!

Cocky:  Conceited or arrogant, esp. in a bold or impudent way

Ok, I don’t know about you — but it has been a LOOOOONG time since I’ve taken the SAT, so I’m gonna have to look up impudent too (shame).

Impudent:  Not showing due respect

Ahhh, Hmmm, I seeeee!

Maybe, just maybe….my inner dialogue that has been intended to bolster my mental fortitude and my confidence….maybe I’ve gone too far with it, and led myself to believe that I’ve got this.  No worries.  No problem.  It’s just a marathon.  Pffft.  No biggie.


Every mile of a marathon deserves wicked respect!  Every single one.  And I can now see the “pearl of wisdom” that Marathon Brian was gifting me.  No matter what I have accomplished so far, 3 miles, 6 miles, 13 miles, 15 miles……I must Never, Ever fall into the trap that somehow it’s getting easier.  Or that what I have already done somehow makes it easier to do the next 3 miles, 6 miles, 13 miles, 15 miles, er 18 miles, 20 miles..gulp….sweat…22 miles…
Must show due respect Diane.  Must approach every run – with the same “I bow down to you, am prepared for you, and will f.i.g.h.t. for you” attitude.
So that’s the Cockiness trap.  Not that I am walking around telling people how fabulous I am.  It’s more that I am selling myself the Brooklyn Bridge, if I am believing even for a second….that the next run is gonna be easy.  HaHaHaHa!!  Ain’t nothing easy about ANY mile of a Marathon.  It’s a Marathon after all.  An Endurance Run.  Remember when we looked up the definition of “endure”?  I will NEVER forget what we found when we did that.  That definition is forever branded into my memory.
To Endure – is to suffer patiently.
Suffer Patiently.   Ha!  Um…try being cocky while ya do that….for 6 hours.  Cockiness Cured.  R.E.S.P.E.C.T!
Ciao for now…..Diane

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