Bring That Mile To Me!

Bring That Mile To Me!

WOW!  Oh this one is worth hearing…

I’m a big fan of running mantras.  I really like repeating empowering thoughts to myself in my head as I run.  I find they uplift me, they encourage me, and they carry me through the really rough spots, like those knee-munchin’ hills!  This was a welcome, unexpected surprise that I learned when I left the iPod home.  I learned that my Inner Voice could be my Coach.  And these mantras are some of what fills my thoughts when I am out there for minutes, and hours – doing the work of a Marathon Trainee.

The Mantras started when I began walking.  This is good this is good this is good.  Sound familiar?  That was the first one.  Out of desperation, I created that simple 3 word mantra — just to stop myself from saying things like. this is horrible. this is terrible. this sucks.  LMAO.  I didn’t even KNOW how much something could suck back then.  LOL, I was just walking the dog.  But back then, at 277.2 pounds……walking to the car, and tying my shoes sucked!  How life has changed!!

So I was whining to Marathon Brian on Monday about how I HAD to conquer this 18 mile run on Sunday.  I needed that WIN to get my spirit back to a good place.  The cockiness discussion ensued.  Yadda Yadda….we covered that yesterday.  And then, it happened!  He gave me something simple, wrapped with a bow.  I didn’t know if it would work for me, but I was determined to try.  Hey — I’m the Scientist AND the Lab Rat, remember???

So this morning — I had 6 miles in front of me.  I set out with an ENJOY THIS attitude…but I also had the intention of doing whatever needed to be done to run the whole thing.  Didn’t have to be fast.  Just needed to be a solid, successful run.  A Win!

Mile 1 started, and I began to introduce the mantra that Brian uses.  Bring That Mile To Me.

Bring That Mile To Me.

Bring That Mile To Me.

Bring That Mile To Me.

Immediately, I felt the difference.

If you are like my husband Peter, you should be asking right about now….um, what difference Diane?  I mean, sheesh, you still have to run those same 6 miles.  Not like you can sit down and somebody’s gonna bring them to you?

Well — I’ll explain it like this.  As I was running….and looking at the road ahead of me…..I knew where I was going.  Mile 1 at the stop light on Main Street.  Mile 2 at the Church on Old Stage,  Mile 3 at Timothy, adorable, wonderful Timothy.  Turn around and repeat backwards.  I KNOW where I am going, every step of it……but I’m telling you — with that mantra in my head, repeating it over and over — there was a BIG difference between having to go GET those miles….versus having the universe BRING them to me.

Ok, so — maybe the best way to describe it is the mental difference between a sit down dinner where the waiter brings you your food order, and a buffet where you have to go fetch your food for yourself.  $$Money being equal, in both places, you are going to get a great, enjoyable meal.  Yet, given a choice, I think most people enjoy the meal more, having the waiter BRING their food, rather than having to go GET it.  I know I would!

LOL, oK, oK, no body is delivering the miles to my doorstep, I still had to work to earn them.   But I felt a difference — and as I ran and asked the universe to BRING That Mile to Me.  It was like the Universe was on MY side, rather than me fighting the universe to get those miles.    I was able to raise my head up, and let my eyes look at the road ahead of me, rather than staring at the sidewalk, reluctant to look at the mile ahead of me.  I held my head up, I was relaxed, and asked the Universe to Bring me That Mile.  And the Universe delivered.  6 times today.

I finished the 6 miles in 69 minutes.  That’s an 11:30 minute mile on average.  I was STOKED.   (um, Dear Universe, if that sounded cocky, please forgive me.  With hat in hand, I will be out there again tomorrow, working hard, asking for 6 more miles.  Please deliver.  See ya tomorrow!)

Ciao for now…….Diane

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