18 miles…the wrong way…TWICE!

18 miles…the wrong way…TWICE!

So, catch this!  You all remember my first attempt at an 18 mile long run, right?  Ohhhhh, How can we forget THE GREAT PEE ATTACK!!??

5 miles into it,  on a cold Sunday morning in October, and I had to pee soo freaking bad.  I Quit.  Called Peter, and he picked me up and drove me to the nearest rest room.   The End.  Sad.   Strike 1.

My second attempt was the Sunday right after the Sandy Hurricane.  I started out strong.  Ran several miles, 7 or 8.  Then began walking.  Tried to get running again, but kept falling back to a walk.  I was committed that I was DOING the 18!  So.  That’s what I did.  I power walked the whole thing.  Oh GAWD!  It was awful.  By the time I was done, my knees were blocks of wood.  I limped the last two miles.  I felt like a sad, weak, hobbling rag doll.  1000 times worse than I felt when I ran the 15 miles.  THIS didn’t make sense to me at all.  How was that possible?

Well, here’s something else that is interesting.  Let’s tak about my feet.  Er, Diane….must we??  Uh, yeah..we must.  After that 18 mile power walk — my feet were crazy sore.  I had all kinds of blisters.  Some right in the middle of the balls of my feet.  I also had the most sore calluses right there as well.  HOW the HELL did I get blisters on top of calluses on the balls of my feet??  Oh….it’s possible.  The walking was far worse on my feet than the running ever was.  Running is easier.  Say WHAT??  Oh….you HEARD me right!

Well that power walk was important for one reason.  I NEEDED to get past the fear of how far 18 miles was.  I HAD to experience it.  Get it under my feet, so to speak.  Now I know every twist, turn, sidewalk, and tree from my Street Sign Start Sign to 9 miles …. and Back.  I K.N.O.W. It.  In the Biblical way!  LOL

But make no mistake….that 18 mile walk was Soooo NOT the way to do 18 miles.  It was Soo Strike 2.  Not to be repeated.

Well — I have 18 miles – Take 3 coming up this Sunday.  This week is about getting myself Zen-Ready to do it — t.h.e.  r.i.g.h.t.  w.a.y.!  What is the right way?  Well…..

  • it’s slow
  • and steady
  • patient
  • and calm
  • relaxed
  • and natural

But most of all….it’s running.  No matter how slow.  Running.  It’s gotta be.

No Fear Diane.  Let it Happen.  No, ….Girl, you MAKE IT HAPPEN!  You are Tough Enough.  Bring It On!

Patience…..patience…….patience…this is going to take some time, and some work, and some endurance, and….alot of patience!  Did we say that already??  LOL

Ciao for now…..Diane

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