defeat sux

defeat sux

i just couldn’t do it.  i ran 11 miles, and then walked the rest.  fighting back the tears, feeling really defeated.  I don’t know what’s wrong.  I have to figure it out.  But not today.  Today my emotions are running amuck – and I just feel super sad.


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  1. ahhh, sweet foot bath, hot shower, fruit cocktail and coffee. these are the ingredients of a really wonderful self reflective Sunday. humbled? maybe. defeated? baloney. rest it off. pamper yourself. reboot. restart tomorrow. buddhists say: life is suffering. You lived today, lived more than most everyone else on the planet. breathe deeply. relax. stop and enjoy.

    • You are not defeated…look at what you have become. If you are defeated I can’t even say where that puts my lazy ass these days!! Chin up…you are a runner!! One bad day (even 20 bad days) won’t erase what you have done and become!! xo

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