Corral assignments came today!

Corral assignments came today!

I knew it wouldn’t be the first corral!  But I didn’t want to be in the last one either!

Disney gets alot of compliments for their ability to organize such large running events — and make them safe, efficient, and enjoyable!  Fun is the Mission!  That’s no small feat when you consider there are about 60,000 runners converging on Orlando starting January 10th 2013 — to run either the Kids races, the 5K, the Half Marathon, the Full Marathon, or combinations of them all  – (the Half and the Full aka The Goofy OR the 5K, the Half and the Full aka The Dopey!)  All aka CRAZY, in my mind!

With about 25,000 people running just the Full Marathon itself — like most running events, they group people by pace groups into Corrals.  As soon as the Bib Numbers were released a couple of days ago — the fever pitch of the message boards began to focus on somehow, (through largely unscientific means) to decipher one’s corral placement based upon a runner’s Bib number, and estimated finishing time.  Facts, nah — mostly non-facts and speculation, were flying!  In past years — corral placement wasn’t something Disney would release in advance.  A runner would have to wait until they arrived at the Expo a few days before the race — to pick up their runner’s packet and bib number — and then, and only then, would they find out their corral.     Hopes that this year would be different were raised when Disney released corral information for the Wine and Dine race this past fall.  People were anxiously awaiting to see — if the Marathon corrals would be forthcoming.

Well — wait no more.  Corrals came out and here they are.

As Runner # 9940 (that’s Me, all bright and shiny!!) — I will be in corral F.  F for Fabulous!  Far enough from the front that all those Gazelles will take off and be out of my sight very quickly — and far enough from the back that I get a small built-in cushion between me and the sweepers.

What’s a sweeper?  Ahhh.  See, I have 4 fears come Marathon Day.  And they are (in no particular order) — Injury, Blisters, Chaffing, and Being Swept.

In order to finish the Disney Marathon — you have to maintain a 16 minute mile pace for the entire race.  If you fall below this pace, Disney staff (in as friendly a manner as possible), will warn you about your pace — then give you a small window to speed it up.  But if you don’t, or can’t….they sweep you off the running course, and escort you to a bus that will take you to the finish line.  And that’s it.  That’s the end of the race, for you.

I KNOW, I have trained well.  And I don’t expect to run anywhere near a 16 minute mile.  But still.  The simple fact that the possibility is out there, is just enough to keep my overactive newbie-marathon running mind worried about it.  (Gotta let it go Diane.  You’re not gonna be swept!)

Ok Ok, I’m not going to talk about it anymore.  And I’m going to work hard to force the thoughts out of my head.  But just be warned…my over-active mind is just gonna go find something else to worry about.  Yea, yea…it bugs me too!

So, this whole thing is starting to come into focus.  It’s been a nice, active week.  It’s exciting.  I’m heading to bed tonight with all good thoughts in my head.  I have my second 20-miler ahead of me tomorrow.  I’m going to try to repeat my “Just doing 5” mantra — X4.  The weather looks dry; starting out in about 40 degrees……it’s exciting.

I’m going to Do it.  Just Do It Diane.  Nice and Slow.  Be Patient.  Slow and Steady.  It’s All Good.  You are Ready.

Ciao for now…..Diane

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    • Yes, I will…..breathe, breathe!! Hoping it will take me the whole 20 miles. And thanks for the NewSkin recommendation Scott. I bought some and I think it does the trick!

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