365 Days of Happiness (187/365)

365 Days of Happiness (187/365)

The freezer is packed with a variety of frozen ‘steamable’ vegetable options.  I figured I could mi them with my ground chicken or ground turkey for some easy (and tasty) lunches.   My freezer may be full of vegetables, but my mind is full of coconut cake. 🙁


This morning, I did my neighborhood walk again.  Whew – it got ridiculously HOT very early this week, but – a walk before 10am in Florida is still the best way to go, so — off I went.  I listened to another podcast today and it was about binge eating (again).  This time the interviewee was a woman named Cookie and the conversation was about expecting slip-ups.  In fact, running down this weight-loss journey, thinking their won’t BE any slip-ups is a baddddd way to go.

The golden nugget that stuck with me today goes something like this…… Learning to manage slip-ups and moving yourself forward IS the only way you will be successful in maintenance.  Hmm.  Sunshine and rainbows.  I feel better about this week already.

Good night coconut cake.  Ya didn’t get me today!!!!

#ChooseHappiness365 (187/365)

Ciao for now……Diane


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