365 Days of Happiness (186/365)

365 Days of Happiness (186/365)

Confession – I am a binge eater.  Lifelong.   But I am working on curing myself.   Also Lifelong 🙂


The past two months have been very strong, encouraging months.  I’ve been busy, eating well, sleeping well – and losing weight.  Very few out of control eating binges.  But last week – the tide turned.  I think it’s because I’m at my mom’s house – and there are far too many snacks here.  ‘Land mines’.

Last night as I went to bed, I promised myself that I would get up early today and go for a nice walk in the morning air. Clear my head.  Build my strength.  Lessen my punishing thoughts.

A few months ago, a friend mentioned this podcast that she listens to, called ‘Half-Size Me’.  It’s operated by a woman who managed to cure herself from binge eating and literally lost half of herself!  Half of her body weight.  The podcasts have been sitting on my iPhone for months.  This morning, I chose one randomly and listened as I walked.   An hour later — I felt So Strong!

Episode 215 – Why You Must Change Your Self Worth To Succeed


It was a conversation between 2 women who both broke the cycle of life-long binge eating, with discussion about the necessary food protocol as well as the emotional and mental transition.  The one thing that is still in my head (and there were many good things!), was when the lady said — “Binge behaviors don’t go away overnight.  So she had to stop the punishing ‘morning after’ thoughts and instead replace them with positive recognition of duration between binges, shortened episodes, or quicker turnaround.”

This resonated so loudly with me!  I’ve had a bad 10 days BUT that does not have to eliminate all my successes.  With my mental and emotional FIX, I returned to my mom’s house committed to three important food protocol changes for the remainder of this week:

  1. Focus on foods with >30% protein
  2. No carbs or sugars before dinner (reduce those binge cravings)
  3. Go to my WW meeting on Saturday, regardless of what the scale will say 🙂

#ChooseHappiness365 (186/365)

Ciao for now…..Diane


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