Well that felt awful

Well that felt awful

So the rain came through like a Blustery Day!  A torrential downpour that would have flooded the Hundred Acre Woods for sure, but it managed to clear up for my morning run.  I was prepared to be out there, regardless of the weather.  So I had that going for me.  But kind of like sad little Eeyore – I managed to bring my own “little black rain cloud” with me this morning.  I didn’t like today’s run.  No, not a nip.  I’d try to look on the bright side….if I could find it!It was another 4 miles.  Rolled out of bed, into my running clothes.  I set up all my gear the night before.  My reflective vest, watch, water belt, bottle of Gatorade.  All of it.  So the only thing I have to think about at that ungodly hour is tying my shoes.  During the 5 minute warm up walk, I wake myself up , get the blood circulating AND psych myself up.  Today was harder than most.

I feel tired.    <——-SO what.  Gotta do it anyway.

I feel heavy on my feet.  <——-SO what.  Gotta do it anyway.

I feel fat!  <——-SO what.  Gotta do it anyway.

I have to drive all the way to Stamford for work today when I’m done.  <——-SO what.  Gotta do it anyway. 

My legs feel crampy. <——-SO what.  Gotta do it anyway.

I’m tired (did I say that already???)   <——-SO what.  Same answer as before.

You see how this went.  Awful.  Whiney.  Baby.  In.  My.  Head.  This.  Morning. Wouldn’t.  Shut.  Up!!

It happens.  Sometimes. 

I’ve got to Shake it Off.  Shut it Down.  Suck it Up.  And Set a Goal.  For Tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be better.  No, not exactly true.  Tomorrow will be the same.  It’s ME that needs to be better, tomorrow.   Tomorrow, I will be better.  Yeah, that’s more like it.  That’s the ticket.

Tomorrow I want to run all 4 miles.  Tomorrow I’m going to do it.  I’m going to achieve my goal.  I’m going after success tomorrow.  Taking no prisoners.  Accepting no excuses. 

Besides, this poor little Eeyore wasn’t born to be gloomy.  Nope.  Come to think of it, the author of the Pooh stories doesn’t see the sweet little dismal grey donkey as gloomy anyway – he just has low expectations. 

Well, we’re raising the bar ladies and gentlemen.  Raising the bar!!  UP!  UP!  UP!  4 miles.  UP! We go!  Rain cloud or not!  We’re doing it for the love of Eeyore!

Ciao for now…….Diane

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