For the Love of Eeyore

For the Love of Eeyore

Inspiration comes from a whole host of places.  This morning … it was Eeyore.  LOL, yea — the little sad grey donkey from Winnie the Pooh stories.  If you read my blog yesterday, you get it.  If not…You’re LATE!  Where have you been???

I walked out the door this morning, saying good-bye to my husband Peter.  I stepped outside, and raised my arms into the air into an over-head double fist pump, and said with a Cheer…..”For the Love of Eeyore!!”    We both laughed —> at Me.    Then I went out and banged out my 4 miles.  LMAO.  I’m crazy.  Yea, but Good Crazy.

One of my favorite places in Disney World is Pooh Corner.  It used to be a store in DownTown Disney that sold all kinds of Winnie the Pooh merchandise.  What’s not to love??  A little boy named Christopher Robin, who uses his stuffed animals as friends and makes up numerous stories and adventures to fill his pre-kindergarten days.  Imaginative play, riding bikes, tag and hopscotch are what kids did before Facebook, and the Wii. Ahh, the good old days.

And it only makes sense that the little friends are haunted by the normal little kid worries and fears.  Who amongst us hasn’t been afraid of a Heffalump or Woozel in our lives?  I certainly have.  But these simple, adorable, heartfelt characters also bring with them the beauty and amazement of  innnocence. Of purity.  Of utter loyalty and friendship.  Imagine — even if you were afraid — that you would push yourself ahead of your smaller friend because he is more afraid than you.  Imagine that your crazy harebrained friend knocks down your little house of sticks, because he can’t contain his excitement to see you, to tell you his stories, to be with you.  And you gladly build your house again, and again, and again — with his help.  Cuz that’s what friends do.  Simple.  Perfect.  Period.  Friendship, loyalty, companionship — that’s what Pooh and Eeyore, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit, Owl, Gopher, Kanga and Roo give to Christopher Robbin.  Makes me wonder why we didn’t all invent them when we were 5.

So — for WHATEVER reason….I had Eeyore in my mind yesterday when I was sad, and feeling sorry for myself because my run hadn’t gone the way I wanted.  I knew my “blues” would be fleeting.  I’m getting better at picking myself up quicker.  And this time — I walked out to do my run in the name of a little grey buddy who, through his own self-doubt and imperfection, somehow made me feel stronger — on his behalf!

So, in the name of Eeyore….I ran 4 miles this morning, with no walking.  None.  My legs started whining, just like yesterday — but I chose to ignore them.  Just like tired kids in the back seat of the car – they quieted down after a while, just because I didn’t give them attention.  I had to WILL myself up the hill at the end.  I REFUSED to quit at the 3.5 mile mark.   It wasn’t going to happen!  Just kept lifting those tired Catholic knees and inching forward.  At the top, I let out a deep breath, and uttered a word…, which should not be repeated in front of Eeyore and the gang.  🙂  But the point is … I kept going.  I topped that hill and began my downward run to the finish with SUCH a feeling of satisfaction and glee.  I must have been feeling the same warmth of joy that Christopher Robin felt when he hugged Eeyore for the first time.  Imperfect, and yet perfect all at the same time.

Better today than yesterday.  ‘nough said!

Ciao for now…..Diane

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