Taking a few minutes to sing the praises of Vitacoco 100% pure coconut water.   I know it’s a Fad.  Coconut water is the latest “thing” being touted by all the trainers and nutritionists on TV and in magazines.    It’s on the shelves in all the stores.   But that’s typically a reason why I WON’T drink or eat something.  I’m not a Fad person.  I generally don’t like to be “sold” on something.  I don’t succumb to commercials.  Yet, once I do come to love an item, I am a BRAND loyalist!!   This is why Hostess going bankrupt this year was a GOOD THING.  Heck, ONE of us had to go down….and whew, thank god it wasn’t me!!

Back to the Vitacoco!  It was about 8 weeks ago when I was running regularly, and getting ready to start my HM training program.  I was suffering from this weird pain behind my left knee.   The pain always emerged after running and it felt as if I was over-extending my knee while running.  I remember talking to Marathon Brian about it one day, and he suggested an increase in potassium.  I was already a regular banana eater.  I always have a banana about 30 minutes before I hit the streets or the treadmill for any length run.   It serves two purposes.  It’s light enough to put something in my stomach, so I’m not running on an empty stomach, and it’s loaded with potassium.  At this point in time, I didn’t even understand WHY potassium was important for a runner.  LOL, I just did it because all the running websites said so.  Heck, as soon as I finished my first 5K, someone shoved a banana at me.  That must have reinforced the Pavlovian reaction to bananas in runners!!

Since those early days, I’ve cared enough to look into the WHY of potassium.  It turns out that  runners lose alot of potassium through sweating and potassium is important to help regulate muscle contraction and prevent cramping.   Ahhhh…. prevent cramping…..check.  That’s important.    So, back to Marathon Brian….he said, “Coconut Water”.   My left eyebrow went up in confusion, and he continued on to explain how coconut water is not only a FAD, but it happens to be loaded with potassium.  In fact each serving (approx 8.5 ozs) contains more potassium than 2 bananas.  Huh, how ’bout that!    He recommended Vitacoco or Amy and Brian’s brands, but warned me right away— that it tastes awful!  Gotta love that sell job Marathon Brian!
Saturday comes along and that’s food shopping day in our house.  I found the Vitacoco brand and quickly found that it comes in flavored varieties.  Look, I’m not buying this for a refreshing beverage experience.  I’m looking for something that serves a purpose…an anti-cramping purpose!  I decided to go with the original — just plain ole’ 100% pure coconut water.  YES, I am also a VANILLA ICE CREAM LOVER!  So sue me… I like the classics, the original!
Since I’m also a weight watcher, the Points Plus value of the coconut water is an important factor in this decision too.  I carry my iPhone which is loaded with the Points Plus Calculator App…..and I zap the Vitacoco, quickly to find that 1 serving (8.50zs) of Vitacoco is 1 ppv.  OK, that works for me.  Sold!   (FYI, I tried the Amy and Brian’s and while it DOES taste better, it’s also twice the points!!  Wasn’t worth it to me.)
For the past 8 weeks, I have been drinking between 1 and 2 servings of Vitacoco during each run, depending upon miles required.  I’m here to report that I have not had the weird pain behind my left knee since starting my Vitacoco regimen!  Now, this could be coincidental, but….I’m SOLD and a loyal Vitacoco connoisseur.
ps — I think it tastes pretty OK, especially if refrigerated before your run!  DISCLAIMER:  However, this could be mind-over-matter, since Peter tried it and almost lost his lunch.  But I say…..Give it a go!
Ciao for now……Diane

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