this week’s set of 6’s

this week’s set of 6’s

I did 14 out of 18 of the miles.  Not gonna hate on myself for the 4 I missed.  Na Ga-Na Do It!

On my run on Wednesday, I caught a glimpse of the Old Diane.  I was in mile 4 of my 6 mile run — well on my way home.  Running downhill. Oh God, isn’t running downhill T.H.E BEST!  Oh, it just IS.  Anyway, it was then that I saw this very nice man, in his 40s like me, very heavy. He was doing intervals.  Walking, then running a little, then walking, etc.  Labored is the word I would use to describe his effort.  Hey, don’t get me wrong.  I was in AWE of him.  He was out there, fighting for himself!  Props to you dude!  As I passed him, I waved encouragingly, and smiled. He smiled back, kinda shy and uncertain.  in that moment, I was thinking, “Dude, I KNOW exactly your path.”   As I continued down the road, with 1 and 1/2 mile left to my run….I ran, knowing what he didn’t know.  I NOW know — that when you are struggling, just starting out, or trying to get better at something….anything….don’t worry AT ALL about how you look to others.  Don’t waste a second on it.  Because maybe, just maybe that runner who just passed you….used to weigh 277.2 pounds. THAT is what that nice man didn’t know….that we all know.   R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Dude!  Keep going!

Thursday, it was COLD!  I made my most common repeat mistake.  I headed to the treadmill.  Ugh.  Diane, love, snap out of it!  YOU DON”T LIKE TO RUN 6 MILES ON THE TREADMILL.    And what happens, when I don’t like something?  Duh, I usually don’t do it!

Yea, 2 miles into the 6, I quit.  I hit the EASY button, and stopped the treadmill, and went to get ready for work.  Ohhhh, I had every excuse i could come up with.  I have to get to work.  I have a busy day ahead of me.  I don’t have time for this run today.  I’m tired.  I’m cold. I’m……a woos!  B.I.N.G.O.   Ding!  Ding!  Ding!  We have a Winner!!  I was so Grumpy on Thursday.  Mad at myself, mad at Peter.  Just Mad.  Mad because I let myself down.  Mad because I let myself be a quitter.    NOT going to let that happen again.  Go Outside.  Success lives Outside, no matter the temperature!  With that decided, I put Thursday in the History Books and moved forward.

Friday,,,um, was cold again.  [Newsflash Diane — it’s Winter!]  And you HAVE Cold Weather Gear.  Get it Out.  Put it On.  And Get On With It.  Stop Whining.

6 miles later, I was back home, kissing my husband…feeling like I could conquer the world.  Was it cold on Friday?  Nah, I don’t remember it that way.  It was awesome out there on Friday.  [Newsflash, it rained on you as you ran — but your short-term memory didn’t even register it.  It was too flooded with endorphins, and too busy feeling D.A.M.N. good, to notice!]

I just love finishing the work week feeling great.  Saturday is Rest Day, Weight Watchers Day, and errands Day.  It’s a chance to store up all my best feelings, and my mental and physical strength — so I roll into my Sunday Long Run — feeling my best.  Sunday is Race Day, gotta build the pattern to be strong on Sunday!  It’s Gonna Pay Off!

Sunday – 13 miles – Bring it On.

But first, let’s not rush Saturday.  We’re going to get our Christmas Tree — and that is a day to savor!

Ciao for now…..Diane

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