the best laid plans…

the best laid plans…

of mice and (wo)men…often go astray!

Today was Sunday.  Long Runday.  I got myself up, and out the door by 6am — right on schedule.  My first 3 miles were rough.  The cold I have been nursing has moved into my lungs, and by the time I had to call off the 13 miles I was attempting — my breathing had become wheezing.  Wasn’t meant to be.  Not today.


Well.  the only thing to do, was to go home.  and shake it off.  spend the rest of the day, exactly as I intended it.  and just let go of the run.  no sense in making myself crazy about it.

Our gorgeous Douglas Fir Christmas Tree was standing there, waiting for us to hang our twinkle lights and memories from its branches.  After breakfast, coffee, and a warm shower — that’s exactly what we did.  As a family.  It was wonderful.  By nightfall, our home was a-glow with the warmth of Christmas, and my heart was warm with the love from stories of Christmases past.  Hearing Caitlin and Erin reminisce over Christmases when they were little — made me smile, and laugh — God — Life is Good!  Thank you for all of the blessings!

Ahhh, so what’s next?  AS I sit here typing, the washing machine is chugging along, scrubbing my running clothes.  I’m going to need them tomorrow – the warm wintry ones.  Yup — I’m going to give it another shot tomorrow morning, bright and early.  Up, and out.  13 miles.  Slow and easy.  Try to get it done tomorrow, what wasn’t meant to be today.  All before work!  HA!  I figured if I wrote it here — and told Y’all — that will increase the liklihood of it ACTUALLY happening tomorrow.  HA! HA!

Gotta keep it real!  But gotta keep fighting!

G’night all — filled with the Christmas spirit.

Ciao for now…….. Diane

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