The heat is on….the heat is o-on!

The heat is on….the heat is o-on!

So I think Mother Nature is in cahoots with Marathon Brian.  The first two days of my homework running was nice and cool, 67 degrees.  so Not-August.  Well, today, she turned up the heat.  And I felt it!!  I could hear Marathon Brian’s words yesterday, “good job..keep it up.  your mentality is changing.  but don’t get too cocky now.”    Well, no worries about that Running Yoda!  Mother Nature cooled me down by turning up the heat!  Here’s how it went down.

First day of September, and it’s Friday!  WooHoo!  My run started a little later than usual, and the sun was up… was the temperature.  The past two days began in the high 60s and climbed to a p.e.r.f.e.c.t. 80 degrees.  Today started in the 70s and it’s going to climb back up into the 90s.  Whew.  Now, if you are sitting in a lounge chair with a LavaFlow in your hands, well….no problem mon!  it’s all good.!  But if you are outside, running, trying to flip your run/walking switch….well….it’s a lot less enjoyable.  Remember, running adds about 20 degrees to your body temp.    Lordy Lord, I love fall and winter running.  Oh I do.  Bring on those cool temps where I need to bundle up.  I don’t mind.   When I think back to Marathon Brian describing his training for the NYC Marathon.  He told me about his 15 mile run on this one 105 degree day,….well I just about fell backwards into my tub.  Calgon take me away!  Man, that sounds Awful.  Just Awful.  But, this is part of what Brian is trying to teach me too.  You can’t plan on running in perfect conditions.  You have to learn how to run in whatever conditions exist…..and steel yourself against quitting.  Anticipate Hard.  Accept Hard.  Battle Hard.  Win Hard.  Kick Hard’s @ss!!

So….  How did it go Diane??

Well, I slowed it down about 15 seconds, and felt GREAT until the last 1/2 mile.  Ya know….lamp-post–to lamp-post–to corner–to fire-hydrant.  LOL, well right as I rounded the corner, my stomach was cramping really bad.  I don’t know why.  I took a swig of my Vitacoco.  And if it weren’t for that burp (pardon the TMI), I swear I would have lost my banana and coffee right there on the corner.  It was H.A.R.D.  The heat was my enemy.  My mind was hating it.  But.  But.  BUT… I KEPT ON GOING!

I was never so happy to see the numbers 2:00 on my Garmin watch.   I finished.  I succeeded.  I kicked Hard’s @ss.  BECAUSE….there was only One Acceptable Outcome for today.  HELL YES!  (Dressing in that attitude makes ALL the difference).

Ciao for now……Diane

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