Team Diane!!

Team Diane!!

No runner makes it from Day 1 of Training to the Finish line of a Marathon by him or herself.  It takes a team of people, who love you and care about you, who offer the runner their unique talents for the right purpose, at the right time.

My top three team -mates are my immediate family.  My husband Peter, and our girls Caitlin and Erin.  They’re incredibly supportive.  Without them, I’m not sure I would have found all the motivation it takes to get up so early, and get out into the cold for all of those miles.  The positive feedback and encouragement, especially from my “buddy”, my daughter Erin, is priceless.

But there are soooo many members of Team Diane!

Team mates who coach me — like Marathon Brian.

Team mates who cheer me on, like mi amiga Yolanda.

Team mates who pick me up, brush me off, and kick my butt when needed!

Team mates who counsel me on nutrition, like Scott.

Team mates who run along with me in spirit, like Lisa and Rich and Mike.

Team mates who nurse my sore achy muscles, and draw my freezing cold ice baths!

In a million small ways,  soooo many team mates have come out and supported me.  Willingly.  Volunteering.  Coming.  Helping.  Supporting.

For Christmas, my sister-in-law, Karen, sent T-shirts for Peter, Cait, Erin, my Mom and sister Debra to wear in Disney for race weekend.  Here’s a picture.


I can’t tell you how much it will help me run on race day — to see my family lined up along the route, in those shirts, cheering me on — it will carry me that day.   The shirt says — “Jan 2013, WDW Marathon  — the journey continues…”  I LOVE that.  Because even on race day — it’s not the end.  The race is the continuation of a journey, another step of a journey….whose end….I cannot envision yet.  It has to play out in its own time, at its own pace, in its own way.

But the point of my thoughts and my feelings today —- is that All of You….everyone who has ever read this blog, or offered advice, or a thought, or a song, or their time in support of my journey… my mind and in my heart — you are ALL dressed in yellow Team Diane T-shirts.  You are ALL part of my team — and I carry you with me — to the Finish Line and Beyond!

Thank you, I couldn’t be more grateful.

Ciao for now……Diane

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