Last of the 6’s

Last of the 6’s

I finished them today.  The 6’s.  And I’m so freaking glad!

Ahhh, I hate to complain — but they were horrible.  10K a day — is NOT meant to be fun.  For the most part it wasn’t, but it WAS challenging.  And I enjoyed the challenge, most of the time.  It built me up — quite a bit.  I remember those first 6’s.  When I couldn’t do 3 in a row.  But then, it happened.  I started feeling s.t.r.o.n.g.  Ahhh — that strong feeling.  It’s better than sex.  LOL  W.E.L.L…don’t judge me.  When you’ve spent your life on the couch, feeling strong is kinda like a drug!

I’m starting to feel a bit beaten and battered.  My right foot – my heel really, is soooo sore.  And now my right knee is acting up because I’m walking and running funny trying to protect my heel as much as I can.

Marathon Brian said to me a few weeks ago — “the end is gonna be about pain management.”  I think I get it now.  More on that tomorrow.

Ciao for now…..Diane

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