Summer Lovin’

Summer Lovin’

I spent 15 miles on my bike today — in the sunshine, temp in the 90s, wind in my face — oh my goodness – it was summer in a bottle!


June 1st is here, and I am active.  Active Joy is the goal — oh, and Discipline — my goals for the next 30 days.  I believe I can turn around the course of my journey — one-day-at-a-time in June.  The weather is in my favor, and my mind is happy at the idea of the job in front of me.

Choice is what this is all about.  And I’m chosing to go back down the path I traveled while heading to my Marathon last winter.  I’ve been sulking because the weather is warming, and I’m not where I wanted to be — in smaller sized shorts and in a dream bathing suit.  But none of those things matter.  not really.  Those things are not tied to June.  Heck — b.e.l.i.e.v.e. it — WHENEVER I make goal, I will be wearing a brand new bathing suit.  So what if it’s in the dead of winter next year.  I’ll buy one and fly to the Bahamas for a weekend JUST to wear it!  LOL.  Go ahead.  Double Dog Dare me!!

No, June is about getting my head straight.  Back to the forward thinking, goal-oriented, striving, thriving machine it was last winter!  That is what June is about.  This summer is a gift.  A gift of great weather, of freedom from school for the girls, and of upcoming vacation and I. C.a.n’t. W.a.i.t!  This summer, this year, this vacation will not be about eating.  It won’t be the same free-for-all it has been for the past 3 years.  A time when I give myself the OK to just Hang Loose, and Cut Loose.  Nope.  This summer, I’m taking the gifts of nature, and I’m going to invest them in striving for progress.

Progress in my committment to my long-term goal of being Fit, and Healthy, and a lifelong runner.  I have 90 days from today to the Dumbo Double Dare in Disneyland.  90 terrific days to invest in my success.  I’m looking forward to it.

Today was Day 1.  Sweet summer on my bike.  I loved it.  I felt 10 years old again.  Memories of riding my bike through Apache Campground in Myrtle Beach came back to me.   That beautiful patch of my childhood probably doesn’t even exist anymore.  I’m sure there are condos where our tent used to go.  But no industrial real estate magnate can take away my memories.  Summer — spent in bare feet, wet from the pool or the ocean (most of the time), catching lightning bugs by night, and flying via my bike by day.

Capture some of that Diane — and you are on the right road young lady.

(Ooooh.  young lady.  I l.i.k.e.d. that.  hahaha)

Ciao for now….Diane


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