short is sweet…

short is sweet…

Nice little short runs this week.  One after another each day.  Feels good.  It’s working.  Building the base.  Building the base!!  Don’t take those sweet little short runs for granted!!



2 miles one day.  2.5 the next.  1.5 today.  It all maters.  It all helps me remember how to breathe…how to push through.  How to fight off the urge.  Ohhhh, you remember the urge.  The urge to S.T.O.P!  Yea, ..THAT one.  It takes time to find the “switch” again.

Pssst….see — if you don’t lose it in the fist place….then you don’t have to “find it ” again!  Just sayin’.  Just FYI.  But it’s Okay.  No worries.  You start where you are.  That’s all anybody can ever do. So I start HERE….cuz HERE is where I am.

But…..all I can say is this. Adios May!  and.  Look Out JUNE.  I’m comin’ for ya!  I’m going to tear up the next 30 days.

Discipline is S.W.E.E.T!

Ciao for now…..Diane


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  1. Diane I have been trying to do the same. I start trying to do 3-4 miles a day and stop when I have to. Some days I can only do 2 miles. I don’t post times anymore for I am not competing against anyone just the clock. I started running late in life and not sure my methods are correct. I keep trying….

    • You just keep going Charlie. You are young beyond your years, looking great, feeling healthy and living retirement in style!! You must be doing something (MANY things) right!

      Run on Charlie gazelle!!


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