Preparing for Florida

Preparing for Florida

So it’s Florida.  I’ve been there 3 times for Christmas to visit my mom and sister who live in Apopka.  Weather….is a crap shoot!  Gotta start preparing for all options.

The first year, it was 87 degrees on Christmas Day, and we went to Typhoon Lagoon to swim the next day — it was incredibly fun.  And Weird!  The next two years, it was 20 or 30 degrees, the oranges were at risk of freezing on the trees, and we froze our butts off watching the Disney Parade on Christmas Eve.  Whew…..hats, mittens, hot cocoa and Mickey Mouse were a strange combination for a family used to Disney summer vacations in July.

So what do I run in?  What do I wear for the Marathon?  I have no idea how to prepare!

Rule #1 on Marathon Day is — don’t try anything new. don’t eat anything new, don’t wear anything new.  So — I gotta get what I’m going to wear..and wear it,  I’ve gotta run in it.  I’ve gotta wear it in.  Make it not-new!

My plan is to bring options.  Most of my existing running gear is for fall and winter.  So I jumped on the Brooks website, took advantage of Christmas promotion codes, and bought myself a running tank and a pair of running shorts.  {Um, Di — if we wear shorts…people will be able to see our legs!  Like, our thighs.  Our jiggly thighs!}  Yea, yea, I know.  But if it’s hot….we are going to need less clothes.  As less as we can get away with.  So GET WITH THE PROGRAM.  Forget the thighs!

A small box arrived today, and I opened it to realize it was my tank and shorts.  I didn’t run this morning.  Work has been ridiculously busy leading into the holiday; there is alot going on.  It started early today, and the day just went like that.  I had it in my head that today was going to be a missed run.  No 6 miles today.  It was weighing on my shoulders all day.  I H.A.T.E. that feeling.

But when that little box came.  And I opened it.  And I tried on those shorts.  I couldn’t resist…..running upstairs to my treadmill….and trying them out.  Was I going to like running in them?  Were they going to ride up and be a.n.n.o.y.i.n.g?  Oh YOU know that feeling.  Were my thighs going to rub together and chafe??  Oh NO.  Not chaffing!!  [Shut up already about the thighs…..just go run…..and see!]

So there I was, running my 6 miles.  In my new Florida clothes.  Wondering the whole time…..Are these the clothes I’m going to run my Marathon in????

Wow!   What a cool question.  That “image” carried me the whole way.  I ran my 6-miler.  One more down.  Another one checked off the schedule today.  CHECK!  And those shorts worked out really well!  I’m packing them.  Taking them to Florida as my warm weather option.  Get the cameras ready —- Here I come — thighs and all!!

All the little details…..all the preparing… geting wickedly exciting!

Ciao for now…….Diane

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