Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day Gifts

golden thread

Once a year — we celebrate Moms.  Well, in actuality, we celebrate them all year-long — but once a year, we put down our fears, our walls, our selfishness — and we share our souls — openly and honestly — with each other.  It Is The Greatest Gift.

My wonderful Mom lives in Florida, so giving her the hug and kiss I wanted to give her…..will have to wait a bit.  So, I called my Mom first thing after breakfast to share all the love my words could share….over distance and miles.   She received the chocolate covered strawberries we sent.  But she loved hearing her granddaughters’ voices the best.  The laughs, the stories, the love.  Can’t buy it – it was THAT good.

My own Mother’s Day started in bed — with a warm delicious cup of Butter Toffee coffee from Peter and cards from my daughters.  My Cait brought me gorgeous pink striped New Guinea Impatiens — Ohhh, I just LOVE flowers that can be planted.  So I can enjoy them all summer long.   Her card touched my heart.  Three simple words printed by her lovely hand, in her favorite color {red}…. I Love You!  Caitlin.  My eyes tear up just remembering this morning.  My mother used to tell me stories of her childhood. Of her mother who was cold, distant and sadly, not loving.  But my mother…. she turned that tide, …..and ensured her childhood would be the last without love.  She gave me love with every lunch she made, with every time she brushed my hair, with every “welcome home” as I entered the house back from school.  I grew up loved.  No doubts.  And that golden thread of love, born of my Mom, has woven its way through my life….and now into the lives of my daughters.  Thank you Cait.  I adore you.  And I love you right back girl.  Every day, in every way.

My younger girl, Erin — always has a story.  LOL, everything involving Erin is a story.  Before she hands me her card, she says…..”I made sure I chose a yellow envelope for your card.  Um…..the problem is, the card doesn’t fit in the envelope.  Sorry!”  Tah-Dah!  And she gives me her card.  LOL.  Ohhh, my sweet Erin.  Thank you for the lovely Yellow envelope…..that I never saw.  LOL.  It IS the thought that counts.  And I love how much you KNOW me…and that is all that matters.

Erin’s card made me cry.  It still does…7 hours later.  Within it — she says “she is really glad that I  accept her for who she is.  She worried for a long time that if I didn’t….that if she ever lost me…and she would lose a friend.”  She tells me “she is proud of ME…..for my running and what I have done on Weight Watchers.”  <my throat is tightening up>.  “She told me that it will be an honor to run with me in Disneyland in August.”

Oh my.   YOU CAN NEVER LOSE ME ERIN!  Not ever.  No matter what.  And I accept you….unconditionally, wholeheartedly, with endless, boundless love.

My heart is so overfull that it pushes tears out of my eyes to make room.

The golden thread of love… woven in our family.  Born of my mother… Lives in my daughters…..Gifts for children of their future.   Gifts born of their mother and her mother…….Amen.

Ciao for now………Diane





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