all work and no play

all work and no play

……..makes Diane a dull girl…

.all work2


I spent 4 days in Baltimore this week, in a hotel, by myself.  Long work days becoming work nights.  Eating out became a booby-trap.  Portion distortion crept in and every meal became a guess.  Oh who am I kidding.  I stopped tracking 2 days in.  Even the guessing stopped.  I brought fruit and yogurt, and I ate it too!   I just lost control over how much I was eating at dinner.  And once the overeating starts…well….then it becomes E.A.S.I.E.R. to eat warm bread with butter and butter fingers and buttered popcorn.  Ohhhh butter.  You Yellow Devil!

I packed my running shoes and my shorts.  Even my swimsuit for the MAC gym pool.  Because I was right next door to work….the unintentional draw to working late just HAPPENS.   And by the time I peeled myself away, and found some dinner.  I wasn’t in the mood to do anything.  Not a darn thing.  Please believe me when I say… I set the wake up call for 5am.  And I woke up too!  Just didn’t get out of bed.  No, I rolled around until 630a, then showered and ran to work.

Why when I have all my time to myself….do I spend none of it on myself????

Result of all of this nonsense??  ….3.6 pounds gained.  UGH!  Gotta turn this around.  And Now.

Friends at the meeting had lots of advice.  I’m back to Baltimore next week for 2 days.  This time I AM running and swimming.  It’s a MUST.  And I’m going to do as a friend suggested, and buy a healthy dinner and take it back to my room, where I will pretend I m home.  Just like normal.

Next week —- Less Work and More Play will make Diane a Healthy Girl.  Count on it!

Ciao for now…..Diane


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