Just like Glinda said…

Just like Glinda said…

……”you had the power all along“.  BAM.  How’s THAT for witchcraft!


D@mn girl, that is one powerful magic wand.  Whew.  It’s only middle of the week and THAT is one serious Life Lesson we just learned.  You’ve had the power all along.  Dang!

Huh?  What?  You want to know the power to do what?  Sweetheart — this is the best part.  What our girl Glinda is telling us, is the most self-empowering message of all time!  Oh, I know — she’s all stereotypical in her pink tu-tu and glitter — which can be a turn off to some girls like my Erin who has an allergic reaction to anything pink, floral, or sparkly.    But if you can look past her get-up and the ridiculous high pitch of her voice — Girl’s got a message we all need to hear. And i don’t mean hear, I mean HEAR!

We women, and maybe some men too, but especially women….spend too many hours, days, months, years of our lives running from our own flying monkeys, getting sucked in by the charisma of a charlatan wizard or two, dodge the occasional apple thrown at our head…and seek comfort in the arms of our well-meaning friends, who are on their own journeys for hearts, brains and courage.

So then what are we supposed to do??  Well — maybe we need to look at our lives and find the missed opportunity that today is offering us.  I mean, we don’t have to wait to miss our first class flight on the big balloon back to Kansas — for us to realize…. ain’t no ultra-fem good witch in a sparkly pink bubble comin’ to save us.  But — we don’t need her to.  She sent us her best gift back in 1939, courtesy of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.  She told us, with her calm, encouraging smile — we don’t need her help — or anyone else’s for that matter.  We had the power all along – the power to do anything, be anything, to solve our own problems and to survive — nay, T.H.R.I.V.E!

So, as i settle in on Glinda’s message to me — I look inside and come to understand — I found my purpose long ago, when I decided to get off the couch.  My purpose will change again, just as it has changed many many times throughout my life.

But for right now, for this time…..my purpose is to Become Strong!  And Glinda was sooo right….Not only have I known it all along, …..but I’ve had the power all along too.

Preach it Glinda!   Love that Pink Glittery Witchcraft.

Ciao for now……Diane


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