I started running again

I started running again

and DANG…that first run was just as hard this time….as it was the first time.  But as hard as it was to start….it felt 100 times better to finish.  It changes you.  It changed me.  In just one run.   I remembered how good it feels to conquer my fears.

conquer fears

One of the best articles I remember ever reading —- talked about how the opposite of Fear is not Courage.   It went on to teach me that Courage was an action, and that Fear was a state…..a state of being.    Courage was all about taking action in the face of fear.  That’s how they are related.

So, what is the opposite of fear?  You are probably wondering, yes?  Well, if fear is on this side……..what lives on the other side is……peace!  Yes, peace.  Peace is where there is no more fear, and you don’t need to act courageously, because there is no longer any need.  When you are at peace, at calm, in that tranquil place — you can just B.E.

So Fear is often the starting place.  But Peace is the logical goal.  And Courage is the path.  Isn’t that just simple.  and lovely.  Now you see why it was one of the best articles I’ve ever read.

The critical learning that happened when I starting running again was…..gosh, how quickly I return to Fear.  It’s like when I hit Diane’s CTL-ALT-DEL buttons and reboot her — when I start-up again, my cursor lands on my homepage — like it should be www.FEAR.com

But knowing this is important.  Knowing that this happens can help me.  It will help me not over-react when it happens.  And it will also help me get up off my @ss faster — and not linger there in my Fear —  sweating, worrying, procrastinating, struggling, suffering.  No, Knowing….  will help me get up off the couch, and set myself upright on the Path (Courage) and begin to move.  Courage is action, remember?

Look, I don’t know much about this process.  it’s trial and error all-the-way-baby!  But what I do know is this.  I don’t want to live in the state of Fear anymore.  I would really really like to find my way to the state of Peace…and give it a shot living there.

So, until I get there….I’m going to keep moving.  I’m going to keep taking action, no matter how big, no matter how small.  I’m going to continue living on the path of Courage….as if it’s  my new home.

Ciao for now…Diane



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