#JoyRising – health

#JoyRising – health

Moving turns everything upside down.  E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g!  And one might think it’s easy to put it all back together, but I’m here to tell you — it takes time and effort baby!


We sold the house picked the girls up from college moved all their stuff out of dorms spent a month in florida with mom got a new job moved to Baltimore found an apartment started working readied the girls to return to college back to dorms back to work register cars get drivers licenses get car insurance find a realtor look for houses learn neighborhoods change our address …..ohhhhhh the list, the LIST was (IS) long.

But, I’m doing it.  One step at a time.  I’m doing it.

These past two months, I’m dedicated to getting my health back in order.  I had to find new doctors for everyone.  Make appointments.  LOL, wait two months (sometimes) to get in to see them,  and then get in and get it all done.  So far I’ve found my Gyn, got the pap, the mammo, found a dentist, had an eye exam, found a primary physician.  Whew.

Next up is blood work on Saturday and an MRI on my knee.  Yes. (shamefully), I have NOT taken care of my knee yet from that “POP” that happened at my Mom’s house in May.  It feels alot better, well – better than awful — but it still hurts, and it impeded my ability to take up a walking routine — so — NOT GOOD ENOUGH.  Gotta fix the knee.  Well, I have an MRI scheduled for Saturday and an appointment with an ortho lined up for later in November.  We will see.  Hopefully it’s something e.a.s.y.  Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed.

My primary was great.  He lined me up with the referrals I need.  I’m 50 so I also have to plan and schedule my first colonoscopy.  Oh Joy.  

Well – here’s is the Joy.  Going through this process…..taking the actions that I know I needed to take….has set my head back on straight.  I’m 3 days into accountable food choices and food tracking.  I’m feeling b.e.t.t.e.r.  On my way back to myself in terms of these things.

NEVER FORGET, Health is a gift.  Not a pretty scarf or a new watch kinda gift, a G.I.F.T. gift.   We live in a time when (if we do the right things), we can live long, wonderful, abundant lives full of grandchildren and grand-furpuppies, and sunrises and snorkeling, and…..all of it.  Everything I want to live to enjoy for a long long time.

Today, taking care of my health is my JOY.  Have you taken care of yours?  Please do.  Because YOU are part of my JOY too!  #JOYRISING

Ciao for now….Diane



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