#JoyRising – apples

#JoyRising – apples

Last Christmas, I gave our family the Fruit of the Month Club as a gift that keeps on giving.  Today we received our final shipment – Heirloom Apples.


They are so beautiful.  Can’t wait to try them tomorrow.  Confession though – tomorrow I AM going to buy a small bag of caramels and chocolate chips.  I saw this recipe on FB where you slice the apples, spread melted caramel over the face of the slice, then drizzle chocolate on the top — let them set a bit and voila, you have Samoan cookie style apple slices.  Ohhh, it’s happening.  In a controllable portion size of course.

No need to point out the JOY today right??  #JoyRising

ciao for now…Diane

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