I’m NOT stopping

I’m NOT stopping

I needed a Win today.  Some wind in my sails, so to speak.  Yesterday was a self imposed Rest Day.  I had a minor procedure done at the Doctor on Wednesday afternoon, and needed to rest and recover on Thursday.  So as much as I wanted to run, there would ne no running yesterday.  I spent the day on the sofa, under a blanket, sleeping.  So when today rolled around — I felt the need to catch up on the 6 lost miles from yesterday.  Friday only called for 5 miles — but I decided to do 6 miles.  3 miles from home out to Timothy and back.

As I turned the knob on my front door — I solidified my intentions in my mind.   I’m.  NOT.  Stopping!  It was my Battle Cry!!!

It wasn’t too cold out there.  Good, cuz I’m not stopping!

My legs felt strong.  Lucky you, cuz, I’m not stopping!

The hills felt smaller today.  Enjoy it, cuz I’m not stopping!

I stepped on a stick and it got stuck to my sock.  I had to jump on one leg while running to pull it off.  You’re talented girl, Kudos, cuz I’m not stopping!

I started to get tired around 4 miles.  Embrace it, exhaustion is a good thing, and I’m not stopping!

I was sweating like a pig by the time I hit the HILL.  Sweat is a badge of honor, wear it proudly, and I’m not stopping!

And I didn’t.  Stop.  Not for 6 miles.  I can’t express how empowered I felt.  I had complete control over my mind and my body.  It might have only been 6 miles — but I knew in that moment that something was certain.

I knew that….

I’m going to Run A Marathon — Cuz I Am Sure As H#LL Not Stopping!!

Ciao for now…..Diane

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