Bike – Run – Swim(y)

Bike – Run – Swim(y)

Saturday starts on the bike.   Good old Gertrude, my Trex.  3 1/2 miles to my Weight Watchers Meeting, and 3 1/2 miles home.  With an awesome meeting lead by Denise in between.  Today’s meeting was about steeling myself against the Devil’s Buttery Fingers — which are coming along with Halloween!

Once home, I had a banana,  changed my shoes, and started my 4 mile run.  Gotta wear my running shoes when I am running — and ONLY when I’m running. It’s part of the Magic that comes over me when I’m in my running gear.  I don’t lounge around in my running gear, and I don’t run in my sleepy, slow lounging gear.  Dress the part, and your emotions will follow.  I FEEL different in those running shoes, than in any other shoes.  It’s a small thing.  But an important thing.  Dress the part.

4 miles — out to the Church and back.  The view was incredible.  The tree-lined streets all lit with bronze, orange, yellow and red colors.  Autumn ablaze.  The air was sorta warm.  it’s the calm before the storm.  We have a Hurricane, Hurricane Sandy, coming up the coast heading toward New Jersey.  It’s freaking us out a bit, because this is NOT normally what we worry about in New Jersey.  Traffic — yeah that’s normal.  Aggressive Drivers — pretty typical.  Too much Hairspray In Use Causing a fire HAzard….um….well….I might get deported if I tell all of the secrets.  Anyway — Hurricanes — not normal.  So folks are outside gathering up their lawn furniture, picking up their lawn gnomes and tucking them away in the garage.  Running down the street this morning was active, energetic, entertaining, and JOY.  I loved how I felt.  I loved the smell of the autumn air.  I loved getting my work done before breakfast.  Checking off the To-Do list.

4 miles, all running, feeling strong — DONE!

Home again, I ran upstairs and went to the place I love more than most.  Into the tub.  Warm water (hell, it’s not Ice-Bath Sunday! …yet) …. an aromatic bath bomb, and me.  More Joy.  I swam around in the tub, getting rid of the morning sweat and grime.  Washing away any aches or pains that might have crept in.   I stay there until the water cools down.  Soaking away any worries or stress.

All Before Breakfast!   My own little version of a triathlon!    I only have to please myself.  And today — was JOY.

Ciao for now……Diane

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