Heart ‘n Soul versus Head!

Heart ‘n Soul versus Head!

Ok, so results first.  Long Run of 12 miles, done.  I ran the entire thing!  2 hours 30 mins.  Not fast, but — (Hey Diane, if speed really doesn’t matter, then when are you going to stop apologizing for lack of speed?)   Right, yes.  K.  So — long run was a success.  But it was a Tough Fight.  Let’s break down how it FELT.

I thought, THOUGHT that 12 miles this week, following 15 miles last week, would feel easy.  Or at least easy -er.  But No.  What I learned this week is that every run — every single one, is an independent, stand alone event.  It’s own dot on the board.  Unrelated, and disconnected from anything that has come before.  Oh sure — success breads success.  So a win from last run helps you run the next one.  It’s a mental thing.  But physically?  Each run is its own battle, and ya gotta show up, armed, and ready to fight.  That’s exactly how today went from mile 1 to mile 12.  The whole freakin’ way.

Every run, I experience the same battle inside myself.  I spent some time today exploring exactly how this plays out.    Heck — I had 2 and 1/2 hours to kill, right?

There’s no doubt that it was my Heart ‘n Soul that committed me to the Disney Marathon.  Heart ‘n Soul conspired with Fingers and BrownEyes and clicked, typed, and hit the Submit button.  Voila, it was that EZ.  Or was it?

Head stayed ignorant for a while.  It was a flighty idea cooked up by Heart ‘n Soul.  It didn’t mean anything.  It wasn’t significant.  U.N.T.I.L. the running started.  It was then that Head woke up and took notice.

Head:  Hey Heart ‘n Soul –we’ve gotta talk about this Marathon stuff.  All this is getting out of control.

Heart ‘n Soul:  I KNOW!  Isn’t it great!  It’s so exciting!

Head:  No, it’s not.  I’m getting all kinds of complaints about all this running.  Something’s gotta be done about it.

Heart ‘n Soul:  Complaints?  Who would complain?  and what about?  This is amazing, inspiring, great stuff we are doing!

Head:  Well, it started with Left Knee, she’s complaining about taking too much of the strain from all this running.  She’s not happy, AT ALL.  Then Lungs chimed in.  I mean she likes fresh air and all, but hours and hours of it???  It’s just too much.  The final straw came from Second Toe on Right Foot.  I can’t even repeat the foul things she said.  Something about needing her Toe Nail?  It would make Cheeks blush, for sure!

Heart ‘n Soul:  I don’t get it.  Doesn’t anybody remember how we felt when we finished the Half Marathon?  Heart still glows warm when we remember it, and Soul — well Soul flies!, like she has eagles wings now — just because we did that run.  It changed us!  In a very meaningful positive way!

Head:  Yea, well BrownEyes do get teary when they and Brain remember that day.  And then Lips piped in and went on and on and on about her smile when we finished.  They wouldn’t shut up about it!

Heart ‘n Soul:  See?  There’s alot of good.  I think we’re forgetting the good!

Head:  Hips, Butt and Thighs were talking about how they feel like they are always draggin’ when we run — but they REALLY like how their Jeans fit now.  They’re big supporters.  Although a little sore!

Heart ‘n Soul:  So I need your help Head.  You’ve gotta help me keep this Body moving forward.  We know that on any given day, Somebody’s bound to complain — but we’re fulfilling a D.r.e.a.m. here.  A D.r.e.a.m. that offers the opportunity to change our Life forever.  And let’s not forget who we are really doing this for.

Head:  Who’s that?

Heart ‘n Soul:  We’re doing it for Diane.  So she can forget that little fat kid she used to be — once and for all. (Awwww……)

There’s no doubt, that my Heart ‘n Soul were first into this whole Marathon experience.  I fell in love with the idea that fighting for this goal could help transform me.  What I am learning along the way, is that Heart and Soul is NOT enough.  Wanting is NOT enough.  Running through pain, Suffering and Fighting, Enduring a Marathon — these are all a mind game, and to that end, I need my Head as an ally.  I can’t go into this Marathon battle without my Head on my side.  My Heart and Soul will keep the mission clear.  They’ll keep me remembering WHY I want this every single morning I have to get up before daylight.  Heart ‘n Soul gets me out the door.  But once I’m out there — on the pavement — it’s my Head that will get my Body through it.  Coaching, Demanding, Encouraging, Shutting Down the Whining!  When my knee starts hurting, when my breathing gets labored, when my toe nails fall off — it’ll be my Head that quiets everything down, and brings strategies for survival.  Head, Heart ‘n Soul.  Partners in Crime!  Into Battle.  To the Last!!

The Battle Continues…….

Ciao for now….Diane

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