Every wonderful, horrible minute

Every wonderful, horrible minute

Some weeks — women runners just have it harder than men.  Nahhh — don’t get me wrong.  I’m not going to go all GIRL POWER on ya.  No Battle of the Sexes!  But physiologically, we  women have extra challenges that factor into an endurance running regime — and we just gotta learn how to deal.

Last Sunday, was the first time it affected me where I noticed in any meaningful way.  Without going TMI – I may need an iron supplement some weeks — to help perk me up and give me back some of my energy.  Running that 12 miles felt 10 times harder than the 15 last week.  It was unexpected, yet (now that I’ve figured it out) understandable.  But I didn’t like it.  LOL.  Yea.  I didn’t like it when I was 13.  And I still don’t like it at 46.  Go figure!

Monday rolled around, and I had to get up early to jump on the Acela train to Baltimore for two days of work down there.   Making the choice of extra sleep over the 5 miles Monday required of me was the best decision of the week.   Tuesday is a normal rest day, so this gave me two rest days — when my body needed it most.  G.R.E.A.T.  It was just Great.

Wednesday morning came, and I hit the treadmill.  I decided to do my 5 miles there, and attempt some bursts of speed.  It went really well.  My knees felt rested, ready.  I had to fight off the boredom factor.  Covering up the dashboard on the tread helped ALOT!  The last mile, I did bursts of 10 min mile pace.  It felt fast.  I couldn’t sustain it for long — but I was able to dig in, and find the speed, and finish off that last mile feeling STRONG!  That was the purpose of using the machine instead of going outside.  It was a good bit of variety.  Fun.

A few quotes came across my Facebook today that have stuck in my head.  I like contemplating if these running mantras match my feelings during this marathon process.  They also help me ALOT.  They help me keep my humor through this whole thing, and keep me thinking, feeling, and BEING positive.  The first one was “We believe there is a correlation between inspiration and perspiration!”  Oh Hell Yea!

It always amazes me that when I push myself the farthest, when I work my hardest, when I feel the most “spent”……DAMN, Do I feel the M.O.S.T. Amazing!   Working hard, and pushing —- really is a self fulfilling prophecy.  It makes you want to do the next amazing thing.  Sweating your @ss off is the BEST way to achieve your dreams.  Because even if your dream is not a physical one — the mental toughness and tenacity that exercising builds, helps you grow the teeth to RiP into whatever obstacle stands in between you and your dream.  Sweating builds muscle and TEETH!  Go take a Bite OUTTA life!

The other quote was this image

That one really resonated.  I’m working SO hard for this marathon.  Mentally.  Physically.  Emotionally.  And for the most part — it’s been a really great experience so far.  So if I had to sum up my feelings about it into one sentence……….this one is pretty d@mn near perfect.

…….because I’m loving every wonderful, horrible minute of this!  LOL

Ciao for now……Diane

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